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Kumarakom Lake Resort - India | Hotel Review

Perfection in India


Kumarakom Lake Resort – Kottayam, Kerala, India: Kerala’s luxurious backwater sanctuaries such as the Kumarakom Lake Resort take spiritual rejuvenation to a whole new level. Indeed, this resort is the high-end of sanctuaries. The resort pays respect to the principles of simplicity and minimalism with the use of native materials such as teak and rosewood, but the service and amenities offered in this haven (or heaven) are first-class and definitely opulent. If there ever were a paradise, this luxury resort hotel comes close.

First Impression/Lobby: Before coming here, we came from another relaxing backwater resort nearby, the Taj Garden Retreat Kumarakom; while it was a beautiful place, it was lacking in service and did not offer true luxury. The moment I stepped in the Kumarakom Lake Resort, I knew I was in a wholly different and special place. It simply looked and felt more luxurious and serene than the Taj Garden Retreat. It was definitely a big step up and possibly the most luxurious resort in Kerala.

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The lobby was breathtaking; it was all open air, and the décor felt balanced, almost symmetric. Immediately, my senses felt alive and carefree. There was a quiet and warm feeling that enveloped my body—almost a spiritual feeling—the same feeling I get when I am in Bali.

Reception: The reception staff promptly greeted us with a warm smile and offered us cold welcome drinks, and even colder wet cloths to refresh ourselves. Our check in was fast and efficient, and we were extremely pleased with this. But what really impressed us about the hotel was the genuine friendliness and warmth of the staff. They surely knew what true luxury service was all about.

The Suite: We booked one of the hotel’s two presidential suites, suite 151. It was a seamless blend of traditional design and modern comforts.

Walking into the suite, the first thing I noticed was the dark burnt orange tiled floor. It made the whole suite feel cooler and refreshing, perfect for such a hot and humid day. The high ceilings and dark wooden floors added a feeling of space and airiness; it made me feel perky and unrestrained.

The living room had a conservative, classic European couch and two chairs–medium brown with golden yellow upholstery. There was a small bouquet of flowers on the end table, just one of the many small touches throughout the suite we found endearing. In the corner was a small dining table and two chairs, but with the huge terrace also furnished with tables and chairs, we hardly had any use for them.

The bedroom was spacious, vibrant and cheery. The sunlight poured in the room from the large picture windows that looked out to a romantic view of the pool and lake. The bed itself was covered with orange bedspreads and the headboard was painted yellow. The entire room was designed with traditional Indian motif, complete with temple mural artworks.

The bedroom was also furnished with a small table and two chairs. It would have been good for having coffee in the morning, but then again, the terrace was much more enticing.

Connected to the bedroom was one of the two full bathrooms. The bathroom had dual sinks and an open air shower. Small details such as the strategically placed flowers among the towels were amazing and completely bowled us over.

The terrace was the most amazing part of the entire experience! It was oversized with room for two lounge chairs, a dining table and two chairs, plus two rocking chairs tucked away from the hot Indian sun. Best of all, it also had a private plunge pool! Absolutely divine!

With everything the terrace had to offer, there was no reason for us to leave the rom. From breakfast until dinner, two full days of pure enjoyment and relaxation were had.

Room Service: Amazing, amazing, amazing! The room service menu was extensive but if you still wanted more choices you could choose from either or both of their two restaurants.

Delivery was timely, presentation was impeccable, and Goulk from Room Service, provided service like we were in a five-star restaurant. Fantastic Bombastic!

Housekeeping: Perfection! I am not sure when they serviced the room; they were simply that invisible. Everything they did was utterly flawless and I couldn’t ask for more. Truly 5-star luxury service!

Restaurant: Every time we thought of going to the restaurant, we thought, why leave the terrace when the restaurants can come to us? It didn’t make sense to leave our heavenly sanctuary.

We ordered from the restaurant menus and found their selection extensive, as was their wine list. They offered Chinese, North Indian, Muglai, Continental, and Traditional Kerala dishes. Some of my favorite dishes among the countless we’ve sampled include the Prawn Mappas (shrimp in coconut milk) and Thamarappam (toddy bread and soft rice). But everything we ordered was perfectly prepared and absolutely divine. Once again, remarkable!

Pool/Spa/Activites: The resort offers extensive spa and Ayurvedic treatments, and regarded as one of the best when it comes to lavishness and luxury. They are also sought after by locals and tourists interested in alternative treatment and medicine.

Overall Impression Kumarakom Lake Resort was everything I had hoped this five-star resort would be and more. I was impressed at every turn. It was a beautiful, almost magical place. More than that, they were extremely accommodating and were always willing to make the extra effort. Nothing less than Fantastic Bombastic!

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