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Anniversaire Cafe - Tokyo, Japan | Restaurant Review

A Great Place for Coffee and Anniversaire Cake


Restaurant Category : Italian, Mediterranean

Anniversaire Café – Tokyo, Japan: Anniversaire Café is one of the few outdoor “European” cafes I found in Tokyo. It is located in a swanky building in the Manto-ku area, on a busy street full of pedestrians, many of which are the young, hip and “fun to watch” crowd in their full eccentricities and wildly creative getups. In essence, it is a great place to just sit back and people watch.

The décor is posh and stylish so it may help to dress up a bit or you’ll stick out like a tourist sore-thumb. Be warned that the prices here are not inexpensive.

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The place tends to fill up fast so I suggest you get there early before the lunch and dinner crowds. A good time to go is mid-afternoon when it is not so busy but is a conducive enough time to relax over a hot cup of coffee and take in the unique sights of a Tokyo street. Incidentally, it is also a short walk from the Omotesando Station so it makes for a perfect pit stop.
A yummy dessert perfect with coffee is the Anniversaire short cake—a milky cream and sponge cake with plenty of fresh sweet and sour strawberries. It is simply delicious.

While I had a fun experience at the Anniversaire Café, it was not really a place I would go back to again and again. The prices are too inflated for the little portions and there are other far more remarkable places in Tokyo. Rating—Somewhere Between Bombastic and Not.
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