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Sushiko Honten – Tokyo, Japan | Restaurant Review

For the best sushi that has ever made its way on to your plate.


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Founded in 1885 in Japan, Sushiko Honten in Tokyo was famed for its extraordinary traditional sushi and the extensive wine list it housed. Awarded ‘One Mitchell star’, Sushiko Honten has been the popular hangout for good food, great company and delicious glasses of wine and sake for both the locals and tourists alike. The star of Sushiko Honten was Mamoru Sugiyama, the chef who was famed for his culinary skills and hospitality alike.

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The First Impression: The Sushiko Honten was a little hard to find being a small restaurant in Tokyo. But once we got in, the excitement of the coming best sushi in Tokyo had us begging to get started. The restaurant had an ‘old shop’ feel and was meant for the real food lovers and not for those with fancies of a luxurious setting.

Décor and Ambience: Minimalistic. The whole place was centered on the food; literally. With the open live kitchen counter in the middle, the 11 seats of the restaurants were found around this counter at the Sushiko Honten. With soft tones coloring the walls, the seating and furnishing were basic and the food was served on pretty standardized porcelain stand-dishes with matching glasses. The place exuded a charm of a story-book sushi house where everyone gathered for a casual evening of catching up over delicious morsels of sushi and warm sake.

The Food: Having visited the Sushiko Honten on a weeknight, we settled down on the counter where the sushi chef noted down our order. We took in his suggestions and ordered a little by little instead of at one go. A smart move, so we thought. But in the end, we ate more than we expected. The Sushiko Honten had no menu to sift through and so when ordering, one wasn’t sure what the bill amount they were totaling-up would end up looking like. Let us warn you that good food doesn’t come cheap, as we figured out while peeling ourselves off the floor when we were presented with the final bill. Yes, the comes at a steep price.

The fish that we were served was fresh beyond belief; definitely the best sushi we have had the pleasure of having. The food was served in traditional forms without the frills and fancies that trendy sushi restaurants offer to mask the lack of authenticity and taste. We had a taste of three different kinds of fresh-water unagi, three different kinds of salt-water unagi, some delicious tuna and countless fresh, savory fish. We chose some sake to have along with our food from the extensive list of wine and sake that the Sushiko Honten offered.

The Calculated Impression: The food at Sushiko Honten was the best we have had. Never has sushi proven to be so fresh, well flavored and perfect. The popularity of the sushi definitely lived up to its name, it is definitely a place to go to while in Tokyo. Our rating for Sushiko Hoten which serves up the best sushi in Tokyo is a deserving Fantastic Bombastic!

What I liked: The amazing food and extensive wine list.

What I didn’t like: The limited seating.

Rating: Fantastic Bombastic.

Address and Telephone Number
Sushiko Honten
6-3-8 Ginza, Chuo-ku
Tokyo, Japan
Telephone: 03-3571-1968
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