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Grand Hyatt Hotel - Amman, Jordan

5 Star Hotel, Lacking 5 Star Service


Grand Hyatt Hotel - Amman, Jordan

First Impression/Lobby - The lobby of the Grand Hyatt was large but empty and plain. It doesn't have the wow factor the Four Seasons - Amman has, but it still is none the less fairly impressive.

Reception - Check in was very standard; swipe of the credit card, sign on the dotted line, very standard but at no time did I feel a warm welcome which is strange because most the time the Jordanians are very welcoming. Here though, it was treated simply like a business transaction, cold but efficient.

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The Room - The room at the Grand Hyatt Amman surely doesn't make you feel like you are staying in a 5 Star, Luxury hotel. Light purple, greens and golds - very standard business hotel decor. The plain white comforter on the bed just added to the blah-ness of the room.

The bathroom was one like I had never seen. You had to walk through the shower to get to the bathtub. I'm not sure who came up with this idea but it is not a design that won rave reviews from me. To go along with this odd set up; no name, generic amenities, not what one would expect from Grand Hyatt.

Room Service - Typical hotel selection and service however the quality (especially of the tomato paste soup) was below expectations for supposedly 5 Star hotel.

Pool/Spa/Gym - The health club was nicely furnished with both an indoor and outdoor pool. The spa was oddly located on the first floor with the guest rooms. Waiting for treatment, you are sitting in the guest room hallway and actually, to get to my room, I had to walk past one of the treatment rooms; it was a very poor layout. It must have had the same company design the bathroom layout.

Restaurant - The hotel lists three restaurants. I was only able to visit one, 32ยบ North for the morning buffet. The restaurant itself is very trendy and I have a feeling the dinners there would be wonderful. I could be wrong but the decor definitely gives you the feeling of a classy, high end restaurant that would give you a top notch dining experience. The morning buffet was nice, but not as nice as Kempinski Ishtar - Dead Sea. However, it did have a decent selection and quality fare.

Overall Impression - The Grand Hyatt - Amman has been awarded the best business hotel in Amman, Jordan from Business Traveler Magazine and as a business hotel; I could not argue that point. As a 5 Star or luxury hotel, it is far from being an industry leader. Compared to other hotels in Amman though, it ranks up there with Four Seasons and Kempinski Amman, both of which have their own set of strengths and weaknesses.

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