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Dal 1887 Italian Restaurant - Seoul, Korea | Restaurant Review

Simple, Casual and Tasty


Restaurant Category : Italian

dal 1887 Italian Restaurant – Seoul, Korea: Located in the Chongno-Gu area of Seoul is the little, hole in the wall, Italian restaurant, dal 1887. The restaurant is tiny, with just a dozen or so seats, but surprisingly, their pasta was amazingly good. Now, it’s not like eating at a Trattoria in Italy, but for Korea, it was great, and at the end of long afternoon (when most restaurants in the area were still closed after their lunch crowd and before their dinner rush) it was a pleasant surprise to find anything that was even open.

The fact that the pasta was as good as it was, and that the pizza was probably the closest thing to an authentic Italian pizza from Naples that we could find in the whole of Seoul or even Korea for that matter, made our discovery of dal 1887 Italian Restaurant all the more enjoyable.

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The décor is simple, the wait staff speaks very little English, and the presentation of the food is no different than at home, but all of this just ads to the charm.

If you are in Seoul and in the mood for some simple but great pasta or pizza, head over to dal 1887, go with a big appetite and not so big expextations and you’ll leave a happy and satisfied person.

Our rating for dal 1887 Italian Restaurant in Seoul is between bombastic and not.

What I liked: The pasta and the pizza

What I didn’t like: Language barrier

Rating: Between bombastic and not

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