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10.Oh.8 Restaurant - Sharq, Kuwait

Cozy, Caring and Cute - Bombastic!


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10.Oh.8 in Kuwait City is a cozy little restaurant that specializes in comfort food. Located in Sharq on Al-Shuhada Street between Hamra Tower and Dasman roundabout 10.Oh.8 is open from Sunday to Saturday from 9am to 11 pm.

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10.Oh.8 was hard to miss with its bright sign and red door. This small restaurant had a simple yet modern décor. Unique collectibles adorned the walls. A comfortable couch was placed next to the window. Six tables were arranged in the smoke free indoor dining area while the remaining four tables were arranged on the small porch. 10.Oh.8 does something unique and supports a different charity every three months. The restaurant donates a percentage of the restaurants proceedings to charity. They also offer free Wi-Fi is available in the restaurant, again a rarity in a Kuwait restaurant.

We were at 10.Oh.8 for lunch and found the place completely empty; but we were told that the restaurant gets busy around 7PM and fills up real fast. With just enough room for 20-25 people, that wasn’t hard to imagine.

Breakfast is served throughout the day, but I found their breakfast menu to be quite limited: simple fruit salad, peanut butter and bananas on cinnamon coated bread, sweet dessert Panini and Chocolate Nirvana plus a few egg dishes are the options available for breakfast. The most popular breakfast item is the Chocolate Nirvana made with a dose of Nutella with a side of toasted bread.

The rest of menu was more varied with a smattering of salads, pastas, pizza and sandwiches. Other favorites at 10.Oh.8 are the Margherita Pizza, Greens & Cherry Tomato Salad and the Mexican Chicken Sandwich.

For dessert, the options available are Carrot Cake, Strawberry Cheesecake, Tropical Mango Passion, Sticky Date cake, Chocolate Bread Pudding and the restaurant’s signature dish, the 10.Oh.8 Crunch.

We started our lunch with a Baby Arugula and Parmesan Salad. The size of the salad was perfect for splitting and consisted of Baby Arugula with shaved Parmesan cheese mixed with vinaigrette dressing. This fresh and tasty salad proved to be a good start to our lunch.

For the main course, I ordered Margherita Pizza while my dining partner opted for the Mexican Chicken Sandwich with homemade chips. The Margherita Pizza, a classic simple Italian cheese pizza was cheesy, light and delicious, all at the same time. However, I did miss the obligatory basil that is on most Margherita pizzas. The Mexican Chicken Sandwich was made of pulled chicken with a Mexican mix. The chicken was tender and great tasting. The sandwich came with what I assumed were homemade chips. Regardless of where they came from, I found them deliciously addicting!

Service at 10.Oh.8 was decent and quick with our order being served in about 15 minutes. Overall, it was a great lunch. This restaurant is definitely worth a visit. The 10.Oh.8 was a nice change from the “chain” restaurants that are so popular in Kuwait. Our rating for <10.Oh.8 is a simple yet stellar, Bombastic (just like the restaurant)!

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What I liked: Great tasting food

What I didn’t like: Nothing much

Rating: Bombastic

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Address and Telephone Number:
Al-Shuhada Street,
Sharq, Kuwait Tel: 22479371, 22479372

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