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7 Bars Restaurant and Cafe - Salmiya, Kuwait | Restaurant Review

Chic and Trendy - A Great Addition to Kuwait


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7 Bars Restaurant and Cafe - Salmiya, Kuwait: Located next to Marina Mall in Salmiya, 7 Bars has been on my list to try for quite some time and I finally had the chance to check them out this week.

I went on an early Sunday afternoon only to find a few other diners in the massive restaurant. At first I thought maybe they were not open for lunch, but I was told that yes, they are open. It seems, that 7 Bars Restaurant and Café is much more popular in the evenings.

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7 Bars is a large, three level (the top level is an outdoor seating area and was closed for renovation during my visit) restaurant. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was just how chic and trendy 7 Bars was. I actually was a bit surprised that a place like this existed in Kuwait and was disappointed I hadn’t checked it out earlier.

7 Bars is decked out in black; ceiling, floor, tables and chairs, plus some grey, orange and beige upholstered chairs and couches mixed in to give it a feel of a high-end chic lounge or restaurant you would find in New York. The smell of sheesha permeated the air and soft jazz and Arabic music played in the background, nothing to overpowering, but it definitely added to the “scene”. I could easily imagine spending an evening here (sans the sheesha for me)!

Once I got tired of looking around, I settled in and pondered their menu. It was explained to me that the name 7 Bars comes in part from the sections of the menu – beverage bar, gelato bar, chocolate bar, salad bar, tapas bar, burger bar and pizza bar - the eighth section “kitchen” (Lebanese cuisine as well as some pastas and other main dishes) was added later. Regardless, the menu is quite extensive and I’m sure there is something for everyone.

As I was not in the mood for a big meal, although I was tempted after looking at their menu, I decided to try the pepperoni pizza. To my delight, the pizza was the ultra thin crust, reminiscent to great pizza I’ve had in Napoli, Italy before. Nowadays, I compare all pizza to Napoli’s and this one measured up respectably; a little greasy but overall good taste, good texture, and just the right amount of toppings.

Throughout my quick meal, service was attentive; however there were just a few clients in the restaurant. I am not sure how it would be when it the restaurant was busy (I guess that means another trip to 7 Bars).

As trendy as the place is, there are a few areas that keep it from being fantastic bombastic – some furniture is starting to show its age, the presentation lacks the beauty and trendiness of the restaurant itself, and the beautiful glass chandelier was in need of a good cleaning.

Overall though, 7 Bars Restaurant and Café get a rating of Bombastic, partly for the food and service, but mainly for the great atmosphere.

October 18, 2009 – Update – I visited 7 Bars again and this time I took along a friend and we ordered lunch. I had the fish and chips and he had the penne pasta.

Both dishes were remarkably dull and tasted like they had been simply heated in the microwave. I was extremely disappointed in the quality of the food and have to now change my rating from Bombastic (which was based in large part to the atmosphere) to between bombastic and not as the food was really that poor.

I still think that 7 Bars is a great place to visit for coffee or sheesha but for lunch or dinner, I say look elsewhere, otherwise you would leave 7 Bars disappointed.

What I liked: The atmosphere

What I didn’t like: The smell of sheesha

Rating: Between Bombastic and Not (updated 10/18/09)

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