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Al Marsa Seafood Restaurant - Bneid Al Gar, Kuwait

The Best Authentic Kuwaiti Seafood Restaurant in Kuwait


Restaurant Category : Arabic, Seafood

Al Marsa Seafood Restaurant - Kuwait: Located in the Le Meridien Hotel in Bneid Al Gar in Kuwait, Al Marsa is the very best place for traditional Kuwaiti style seafood.

Although this is not exactly the place to go if you are looking for a chic and trendy place with a glamorous crowd (it is located at the basement of the Le Meridien and is designed like a fish market so you get the authentic experience of Kuwaiti seafood style dining), it is definitely the place to go to if you are very hungry and want to be fully satisfied with a big Kuwaiti feast. The amount of food they serve is huge, I am getting full just thinking about it.

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The menu was extensive, stock full of seafood and the staff members courteous and very helpful. All the fresh ingredients were displayed—from fish to lobster and prawns to zubaidi and other local specialties so that guests can easily pick whatever makes their mouth water the most. What I normally do is start with some fresh shrimp and then pick out a nice-sized fish and have them prepare it Kuwaiti style.

Al Marsa is the perfect place for going with a group of friends as it is a casual, laidback restaurant perfect for talking and sharing. For those who want to savor the fresh seafood more peacefully, they also have a more private dining room called the “Lulwa.”

If you are in Kuwait, I highly recommend you to try the Al Marsa Seafood Restaurant in the Le Meridien in Bneid Al Gar at least once for an unforgettable Kuwaiti experience. Bombastic!

What I liked: The authentic Kuwaiti fish.

What I didn’t like: Decor

Rating: Bombastic

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