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Al-Muhallab Fish and Seafood Restaurant at The Palms - Kuwait

Great Decor, Lots of Kuwaiti Memorbilia, Only Average Food


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Al-Muhallab Fish and Seafood Restaurant - Kuwait: Just to see the Kuwaiti antiques and memorabilia is reason enough to visit Al-Muhallab, a traditional Kuwaiti fish and seafood restaurant located at the Palms Beach Hotel and Spa in Kuwait. It seemed like no matter where I looked in the restaurant there was a piece of Kuwait’s heritage. It made for an interesting visit to the restaurant, the food however, was not all that impressive.

Located on the beach at The Palms in Kuwait, Al-Muhallab serves a wide variety of fish and seafood, any of which can be prepared to your specifications.

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Since I was in Kuwait and the décor was traditional Kuwaiti, I felt almost obliged to order the National Fish of Kuwait, the Zubaidi, and have it prepared the true Kuwaiti way, grilled with all the amazing spices that are so popular in the Kuwaiti culture.

As I waited for my fish, the waiter brought over a cart full of traditional appetizers, salads and bread. My table was full of small dishes of food, perfect for sampling and even better had I been with a group. I sampled the various dishes, none of which impressed me all that much, other than the bread that is.

After a longer than expected wait, my waiter brought me my main course of Kuwaiti style fish. It was a nice sized fish and looked tempting to the eyes, but the aroma from it was fishy, with just a hint of the Kuwaiti spices. Regardless, after the extended wait, I dug in and to my dismay, my Kuwaiti fish was dry and boring; the explosion of spices mixed with tender fish was nowhere to be found. A big letdown indeed.

I picked away at my fish until, I said enough is enough, why force myself to eat something I was not enjoying and grabbed me piece of bread to complete my lunch.

I was looking for a great fish lunch at Al-Muhallab, but instead just had an average fish meal. The only high point of the meal was the endless display of Kuwait memorabilia.

If you are new to or visiting Kuwait, or have guests visiting, Al-Muhallab Fish Restaurant at The Palmsis worth a visit. But, if you want truly good Kuwaiti style fish and seafood, go to Al Marsa Seafood Restaurant located in the Le Meridien Hotel in Bnied Al Gar; it really is the best fish restaurant in Kuwait.

My rating for Al-Muhallab, the fish restaurant at The Palms in Kuwait is between Bombastic and Not.

What I liked: All the Kuwaiti memorabilia

What I didn’t like: Prices were on the high side, the food was only average

Rating: Almost Bombastic

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