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Astra Lounge - Shaab, Kuwait

Trendy Idea, Poor Execution


Restaurant Category : Italian, Lounge, Mediterranean

Astra Lounge - Kuwait: After a second visit to Astra Lounge in Shaab, I confirmed my first impressions. The best thing about Astra is simply the atmosphere, nothing more.

The outdoor seating is not your typical restaurant seating but much more of a lounge, hence, the name I suppose. There is not much of a view, unless you call watching others a view, that is, when there are others to watch. The trendy lounge music enhances the atmosphere but really does nothing to improve the food or the service.

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The food is average at best, definitely not worth the high prices and the service is fair; both times, it was slow and inconsistent. Maybe this is what they think trendy means.

To keep in step with the chic and trendy theme, they have a minimum charge which is part of the reason it is not consistently busy. It would be a great place to go for coffee or desert but with the minimum charge, it forces you to buy more than you really want or need.

I would be more apt to go there more often if there wasn't a minimum charge and would probably stay longer if it was busier. I think by changing this one thing, they could turn Astra Lounge from average to Bombastic. Astra Lounge is a good idea; it is just not executed very well.

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