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Burger Hub, Kuwait

Mini Burgers, Extra Large Price


Restaurant Category : Burgers

The Burger Hub, Kuwait - Located on Gulf Road opposite Seif Palace, The Burger Hub looked like a great place for some gourmet burgers but apparently, looks are not always accurate.

We had heard about The Burger Hub and thought we would try it. Walking in to the restaurant we were impressed and thought we were in for a treat.

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Their menu had a good selection of burgers but none that really got me excited. I ended up having the 411, a lamb "burger" with pomegranates - the description sounded wonderful. My friend had the La Rose Burger (highly recommend by our server). We also had the six in "one" appetizer (again highly recommended by our server)

When our appetizer came out we were not that impressed; basic deep fried chicken, stuffed mushrooms, jalapeño, fries and potato dumplings of some sort. Their special dressings? Sweet pepper sauce and honey mustard; nothing too exciting.

Our burgers? Small and not that tasty, nothing special, definitely not some of the best food I have had, especially in Kuwait were the number of good restaurants just continues to grow and grow.

Service was efficient but the prices are what really blew me away. 4.500 KD (approximately $14.00 US) for our appetizers; what a rip off. Based on that alone, I would not go back to The Burger Hub. Cost of the 411 - 3.75 KD (approximately $12.00 US) and 2.600 KD for the La Rose (approximately $9.00).

All in all, The Burger Hub has a good concept but food and prices leave you unsatisfied.

The question I always ask, would I go back, would I recommend it and unfortunately, the answer is no.

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