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Cucina Italian Restaurant at Hotel Missoni - Salmiya, Kuwait

Worth one visit, but not a return


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Located in the new hip and trendy, boutique hotel, Hotel Missoni, Cucina is the newest Italian restaurant to open in Kuwait. Situated on the 1st floor (take the elevator in the lobby up one floor), the atmosphere at Cucina is modern and trendy. It’s neat décor is a welcome addition to Kuwait, but where it excelled in looks, it failed in comfort. The booth seating was the most uncomfortable I’ve experienced in a very long time. The table was just too far from the booth. I literally had to sit on the very end of the booth seat to reach the table. So if you go, sit at a table that has booth seating and a chair, so that the table can be moved closer.

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Once we were seated, we were welcomed, our “drink” orders taken, and given the menus.

The menu was broken into seven sections; appetizers, pasta, soup, deep fried dishes, fish, meat and side dishes. The menu is clearly Italian with the typical pasta dishes like Spaghetti Lobster, Lasagna, Tagliatelle with egg yolk, veal bacon and black pepper. The fish and meat choices ranged from Sea Bass and Stewed Hamour to Veal Escalope and Char-Grilled Lamb Chops. It may sound cliche, but there really was something for everyone.

I ordered the buffalo mozzarella with beetroot and pickled onion to start followed by the lasagna. My dining partner had the spaghetti lobster.

My salad, which cost 6.500 KD had three small pieces of buffalo mozzarella and probably .250 worth of beetroot. Now, I can sometimes justify paying over 6 KD for a salad, but what they served didn’t come close!

After that disappointing start, our pastas were delivered. My lasagna, another 6.500 KD, was a nice sized portion, but the texture and taste left me wanting. It had little favor. I really expected more from Cucina. My dining partner’s spaghetti had a light tomato sauce. Other than the spiciness, it was pretty much vacant of flavor and lobster. With a price tag of 8.500 KD, it was surely overpriced and under impressive.

And talking about prices, the meat and fish dishes ranged in prices from 12 to 16, and up to 21 KD for oven-cooked lobster.

After our lackluster main courses, the thought of dessert just didn’t sound enticing. We looked at the Cucina dessert menu to see if we might be tempted. Tiramisu, Apple Tart, and Chocolate Tart were just a few of the options. But, after balancing on the edge of our booth seats, and the less than impressive lunch, we decided to skip dessert and asked for our bill.

Service throughout lunch was attentive, and it was a nice touch having an Italian wait staff, but overall our lunch at Cucina was average at best. Our rating for Cucina Italian restaurant at Hotel Missoni is Almost Not Bombastic.

What I liked: The decor

What I didn’t like: Comfort of the seats, value and taste of the food

Rating: Almost Not Bombastic

Address and Telephone Number:
Cucina Italian Restaurant
Missoni Hotel
Salmiya, Kuwait

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