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Del Mar Cafe - Salmiya, Kuwait

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Inaugurated recently is the trendy Café Del Mar in Salmiya, Kuwait. Located in the Laila Gallery Mall, this café radiates an aura of being trendy and urban edgy. Competing amongst the numerous cafes of Salmiya, Café Del Mar offers an upscale, enjoyable food experience with an edge over the others in terms of location and atmosphere.

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First Impression: The first thing that strikes you about Café Dl Mar is that it isn’t just another café to hang out in. The place definitely has character and invites you to share a cool and upscale experience of café dining. This isn’t a place you want to come in with untied sneakers. This is a place you want to come to for a nice exclusive bite and drink.

The Café Ambiance: Café Del Mar is a work of creative ambience. Urban cool sums up the décor and visual presentation. Chairs in bright fuchsia, purple and modish black, tall chairs in purple leather upholstery, bright cushions to lounge back and sink into, intimate corners, trendy lighting, dark wooden floors paneling your path; the décor was much thought of and pulled off the feel of an extremely stylish café. The outdoor seating was mega chic with black wicker chairs and black round top tables flanked with contrasting purple furnishings. Café Del Mar is a place one wants to be seen in.

The Food: The food was just fair. My order of the halloumi cheese sandwich was good, but not the best I’ve had in Kuwait. Ridden with a bit too much pesto, the flavors were too much to take in. I was also surprised when told that I could not get a diet 7-up. The rest of the menu was functional without being exciting. A basic drinks menu for juices and mixes with the regular pina coladas, strawberry daiquiris and more, and a food menu with wholesome sandwiches and specials.

What was tempting about Café Del Mar was the two display cases; one displaying all the appetizing looking sandwiches and small salads and the other proudly showing off the mouthwatering deserts. Definitely the strategy needed to get people to order and indulge.

The Service: The service was attentive and lived on par to the ambience of the café. The manager offered me his EGO (personal internet connection) as the place hadn’t an internet connection set up yet.

The Calculated Impression: The overall impression of Café Del Mar was favorable. Definitely one of the more trendy and upscale cafes amongst the other cafes of Salmiya with a cool and modish chic ambience with decent food. If the café has been up and running for a while, I would have given it a definite ‘Between Bombastic and Not’ rating. But since it is brand new I would say it rates as ‘Between Bombastic and Not’ with the potential to be ‘Bombastic’ once the small back-steps and working bugs have all been dealt with. Café Del Mar deems a visit and deserves a place as a great addition to the cafes of Salmiya

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What I liked: The ambience and cool décor. The trendiness and visual representation of the place spoke loudly of classy chic.

What I didn’t like: The presence of ash trays in all the tables. One could easily picture Café Del Mar being riddled by smoke when in full swing as the place is too small to dissipate the smoke.

Rating: Between Bombastic and Not with potential to be Bombastic.

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