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Lebnan Lebanese Restaurant

Upscale and Trendy... Steep Prices


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Lebnan Lebanese Restaurant – Kuwait: Located in Shaab off Highway 30 is home to the upscale, and kind of trendy Lebanese restaurant Lebnan.

Lebnan is not exactly the type or restaurant I would personally go back to or even recommend. To start, it has a 6KD minimum which in my opinion just wrong. It is as if they are not confident enough in their menu or their service that they could not get you to find enough to eat to justify spending 6KD. And on top of that, there really is nothing special about the inside of Lebnan that makes just a visit worth 6KD.

The menu is typical Lebanese fare, most of it with a twist. And most of it was not worth the steep prices.

Service was pretentious and far from attentive.

All in all, I rate Lebnan Lebanese Restaurant as Almost Bombastic.

What I liked: The Bread, the casual, upscale feel of the restaurant.

What I didn’t like: Service, the “twist” on many of the dishes, the minimum charge and steep prices for just average Lebanese food.

Rating: Almost Bombastic

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