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Living Room Lounge - Salmiya, Kuwait

Chic and Trendy Hotspot in Kuwait


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Living Room Lounge – Salmiya, Kuwait: At the lower level of Marina Waves is a new chic and trendy bar and restaurant called the Living Room Lounge. It offers a relaxing ambiance and spectacular view; the tables and chairs are designed for lazing around in the afternoon with a margarita and cocktail in hand while Caribbean music plays in the background. Here, I recommend dining outdoors if the weather is lovely and the sun is not too hot (which is rarely). True to an island resort motif, the furniture and décor is mostly white with cool color accents such as icy blue and aquamarine throw pillows.

A group of friends joined us and so we settled on a long table with comfortable and extra-lazy lounge chairs. Immediately, we felt relaxed and were primed for a good cup of coffee, long conversations and idle chit-chat. For our food, we decided to try out their various pastas: a mushroom, a pesto, and a rose sauce. We asked the waiter for a few special requests—if they could add grilled chicken in one of the orders and mushrooms in another; the waiter, however, said that it could not be done. While we were unsure why this was the case, we didn’t press the issue.

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When the food came, it was just barely warm. We told our waiter and he let us know that the food is not actually made there but is made at a different location and simply warmed up (or in this case, not warmed up) in the kitchen. Needless to say, the food was mediocre, bland and boring.

The Living Room Lounge is perfect for coffee or drinks – to meet friends and hang out. But if you are looking for a good meal, look elsewhere. The service was fairly good but did not make up for the food.

For a meal, it is not bombastic; for coffee, it is bombastic. Overall rating: Almost Bombastic.

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