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Osaka Japanese Restaurant - Shaab, Kuwait

Great Food, Horrible Service


Restaurant Category : Japanese, Sushi

Osaka Japanese Restaurant - Shaab, Kuwait: Osaka Japanese restaurant in Kuwait is located beside the FLEX fitness center on Bin Al Khatib street in Shaab. This restaurant is known for Kuwaiti Japanese favorites as well as classical Japanese dishes with a twist. A popular Japanese restaurant, reservations are highly recommended on the weekends.

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With a rather unassuming exterior Osaka had a chic and trendy décor inside. A fancy red and dark wood theme was paired with contemporary furnishings. The atmosphere was cool and relaxing. The menu had a nice selection of Japanese dishes right from rice, noodles, soup, salads, maki rolls, sashimi and teppanyaki to beef, chicken and seafood specialties.

I visited this Japanese restaurant in Kuwait for dinner with a friend. We were divided on how to rate this restaurant since we had a mixed experience. We started out with Yasai Spring rolls that were dull, dry and boring to say the least. My friend had ordered them before I had arrived and they were delivered to our table shortly after I got settled in. We finished those and then waited and waited and waited for the waitress to come and take our order. Alas, our waitress completely forgot about us. Eventually my friend had to go fetch her to take our order.

We finally placed our order of salmon and tuna sashimi and Osaka roll for myself and salmon sushi and a vegetarian roll for my friend. Our dishes were delivered on time. The presentation of all the dishes was exquisite. The salmon and tuna sashimi was superb to say the least. Everything was very fresh and the portions were big. My friend also loved his rolls and sushi. However, my Osaka roll was simply put, non-existent. Luckily the sashimi consisted of such large pieces that I didn’t actually need the rolls. Also, our waitress didn’t put the Osaka roll on the bill. It seemed as if she had missed that whole portion of my order all together.

Overall, my sashimi and the gorgeous décor were the highs of this restaurant. However, the missing rolls and the unbelievably slow service proved spoil sport to an otherwise lovely dinner. Overall, Osaka is one of the best spots for some authentic sushi in Kuwait. Our rating for this Japanese restaurant in Kuwait is Almost Bombastic.

What I liked: The sashimi and the decor

What I didn’t like: The slow service and the missing roll

Rating: Almost Bombastic

Address and Telephone Number:
Bin El-Khatib Street, Block 11,
Shaab Al-Bahri, Kuwait
Phone: +965 2263 7331

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