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Pizzetta Restaurant - Kuwait

Uninspiring Itallian Fare


Restaurant Category : Italian, Pizza

Pizzetta - Kuwait: Brought to you by the same owner of Burger Hub and Prime and Toast, Pizzetta is the newest small restaurant to open in the small string of restaurants opposite Seif Palace on the Gulf Road in Kuwait.

While I had not been impressed with the owner’s two other restaurants, I was hoping that this one would surpass the others. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

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I was here for lunch and the place was empty except for two couples. Empty at lunch time means one of two things. One, it’s not that good, or two, no one knows about the restaurant. I would soon find out! The wait staff almost outnumbered the guests, and actually at one point they did! More staff than guests doesn’t necessarily mean good service. It as if we were in a fish bowl and the staff watched our every move… not relaxing! It seemed like every time I tried to take in the décor I was came eye to eye with an employee! However, I finally managed to take it all it.

Pizzetta restaurant is quite small. It has four tables down the middle of the restaurant, a couple tables on the side and high seated booths at either end. Overall, the restaurant was narrow and cramped feeling. Pizzetta also had seating outside, but during my visit I was told they did not have the license from the government yet which allowed for dining outside. So for now, it was only inside in the narrow restaurant.

The décor was quite dark. I think they were going for trendy; however, they missed their mark. The dark wood floors, over-sized, off-white chairs, high tan stools for the booth tables, and gray cushions for the booth seating just didn’t fit the space of Pizzetta Restaurant very well. On the other hand, the use of mirrors and light fixtures fit the space well and won the restaurant some points.

Pizzetta’s menu offered salads, pizzettas (small appetizer sized pizzas), pizzas, and main courses. Each section had many options, it was still difficult to find something that sounded really appetizing.

I started with a pepperoni pizzetta which turned out to be very, very thin and crunchy pizza. While thin and crunchy is not my typical type of pizza, I still found it quite tasty. However, my place setting, which looked like an old dish towel (see the picture), did absolutely nothing to add anything positive to my dining experience at Pizzetta. Were they trying to make it feel like I was in some Italian bistro out is the countryside? I am not sure, and I am not too sure they know either. It surely did not match the chic and trendy feel the rest of Pizzetta was trying to achieve.

For my main course I was going to have a pasta dish, but when I requested chicken be added to it, I was told no because the dish was already made. The best they could do is add the chicken on the side. Hmm… the dish was already made, so they just were heating up previously made food? Not impressed!

I opted instead for chicken lasagna (that HAD to have the chicken in it already, right?). After a long, long wait and a lot of time looking at the increasing number of wait staff, my chicken lasagna arrived.

Served in a small baking dish, right out of the oven, the lasagna was so hot that I had to let it for another ten minutes. Finally, after it cooled down, I was able to start tasting it. To start, it was very watery, but it eventually solidified enough that it actually was tasty, but it was not impressive enough that I would make a special trip to Pizzetta to have it again.

My lunch at Pizzetta was in a word average. Service was attentive, but they were simply overstaffed; the menu was large, but few items caught my attention; the atmosphere was simple and failed to reach its potential; and the food was just as average.

My overall rating for Pizzetta is between bombastic and not, they are definitely not one of the best restaurants in Kuwait. I think the only time I would go back to Pizzetta is if I was in the area and the wait for Slider Station was too long. I can easily say will not be making a special trip just to dine at Pizzetta again.

What I liked: Not much

What I didn’t like: Too many wait staff, the average tasting food, the fact the dishes are pre-made and just cooked/heated up when ordered.

Rating: Almost Bombastic

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