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Shogun Japanese Restaurant and Lounge - Kuwait

Unimpressive Sushi in Kuwait


Restaurant Category : Japanese, Sushi

Shogun Japanese Restaurant and Lounge - Kuwait: Located at The Palms Beach Hotel in Kuwait, Shogun Japanese Restaurant and Lounge offers traditional Japanese sushi and sashimi in a casual atmosphere.

The inside of the restaurant is nicely decorated with a contemporary Japanese feel. Dark wood pervades the interior accented with rich mocha and velvety red upholstery. Tucked in one corner are a couple of small private tables enclosed with curtains for maximum privacy. Outside is a patio that is barren and dull in comparison to the inside but if a view of the parking lot and seeing who is coming and going is important, then it’s an okay spot.

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We went at the Shogun for a casual lunch on a Saturday afternoon. The fact that we were the only people there on a weekend should have been our first clue that the food was not going to be very good. We decided to take our seats outside because inside was just too gloomy compared to the beautiful sunny weather outside. The staff quickly greeted us and took our drink orders while we went through the menu. I was quite impressed with their selection; they had over 30 maki rolls!

We started with our customary edamame (steamed soybeans), which lacked flavor and were a tad overdone. Not a good start. We also ordered the Sushi Combo-five pieces each of salmon, tuna and yellow tail. The pieces were generous sizes, but the taste was not very impressive. The salmon and tuna were decent, but I could tell they were not that fresh. The yellowtail was the fishiest and a real turn-off both in smell and in taste.

We also ordered three Maki rolls: Jamada Passion Maki (Shrimp Tempura inside, unagi on top, with teriyaki hot and spicy sauce)—this was my favorite, but still not that great; Caterpillar Maki (unagi, cucumber, avocado, and Teriyaki sauce with chili)—tasteless adn dull, not my type; and Fuji Maki (salmon, tuna, hamour, mayonnaise, wasabi and tonga lettuce)-too much mayonaise, and too fishy, it was jut awful.

Needless to say, my experience at the Shogun Japanese Restaurant and Lounge was mediocre at best but I can’t say it is the worst sushi restaurant in Kuwait. (Sakura is my favorite, so far Read our restaurant review of Sakura here). My rating for Shogun is Between Bombastic and Not.

What I liked: The Jamada Passion Maki was the best thing we tried.

What I didn’t like: They yellow-tail, Caterpillar Maki and Fuji Maki

Rating: Almost Bombastic.

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