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Totally Fish - Salmiya, Kuwait

Just Average


Restaurant Category : International, Seafood

Update Summer 2011 - Totally Fish is no longer open at The Crescent at Marina Mall.

Totally Fish Restaurant at the Marina Crescent in Kuwait offers a unique dining experience to locals and tourists alike. Its outdoor tables provide a nice view of the marina - great for lazily watching people pass by- while it’s indoor setting gives off a more upscale feeling.

Totally Fish Restaurant serves all kinds of fish and seafood in a variety of ways. The fish section of the menu can be broken down into Arabic, American, European, and Asian. For Arabic, they have Balloul Michwi, Siydieh, Zbeide Mekli, Samkeh Harra, Samket el Bahhar. For their American selection, they offer New Orleans fish and chips, totally shrimp fajitas, whole rock lobster – Canadian style, and surf n turf. For European, they have baked sea bass in a sea salt crust, paella, lobster thermidor, gambas a la plancha, London fish and chips. Lastly, they have Tandoori balloul fillet, Thai green curry with shrimps, baked salmon in banana leaves, and sweet and sour pomfret for their Asian cuisine.

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The restaurant also lets you choose the fish or seafood that you like directly from their fresh fish displzy and prepare and cook it at your preference. You can either have it baked, deep fried, grilled, breaded, pan fried, stir fried, baked Kuwaiti style, like a tempura, or in thermidor style. After that, you can then choose your desired sauce from their nine different sauces ranging from lemon butter and tartar sauce to Provencal or aioli sauce. They also offer many side dishes like rice, baked potato, Kuwaiti sweet rice, or French fries to complete your meal.

Aside from seafood, Totally Fish Restaurant also offers its customers beef fillet and chicken and burger selections. They also have Arabic mezz like hummus, moutabal, tabbaoule, and fattouch.

I was able to share my dining experience in Totally Fish Restaurant with my friends. There were quite a few of us so we were able to sample a large variety of dishes. Our course started with some Arabic mezze. It was typical and average for my tastes. I then ordered fish to be prepared Kuwaiti style. The taste was very disappointing. One of my friends had baked fish – I loved it! I drooled as my other friend gobbled up his grilled prawns. It was obvious that he loved the dish. On the other hand, another friend barely touched his fish - which was cooked Tandoori style.

The service was extremely slow and that is was mid-day when it wasn’t busy.

My overall experience of Totally Fish Restaurant left me less than impressed. When in Kuwait, I want to have really good Kuwaiti seafood. So when I was able to dine at Totally Fish Restaurant, I did not want some fish n chips or Thai style dishes, that was why I ordered the fish in Kuwaiti style. But I, to my dismay, didn’t enjoy even a single bite.

However, I found the very best Kuwaiti style seafood dishes at Al Marsa Restaurant which is located in the Le Meridien Hotel in Bnied Al Qar. So by the next time I go back to Kuwait, I’ll definitely go straight to Al Marsa Restaurant for some authentic and delicious Kuwaiti style seafood dishes!

My rating for Totally Fish Almost Bombastic.

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What I liked: The scenery of the Marina Crescent outside the restaurant.

What I didn’t like: The Kuwaiti cuisine didn’t satisfy my taste buds and the slow service didn’t help either.

Rating: Could still improve to be bombastic.

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