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Langham Hotel - Auckland, New Zealand


Langham Hotel - Auckland, New Zealand - Located in New Zealand's largest city, Auckland, Langham Hotel is one of a hand-full of 5-star, luxury hotels offer there.

Upon arrival at The Langham Hotel I was surprised at the entrance and lobby to the hotel. Rated as a five-star hotel, I was expecting something more, something grand, something special, something different but what we got was something boring, plain and out-dated. Not what you expect from a 5 star hotel.

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Checking in was fast and efficient, New Zealanders or Kiwis, as they are affectionately referred to, are truly wonderful, down-to-earth, friendly people. A warm, service-oriented welcome is one thing the Langham Hotel does well.

I found the standard rooms to be nicely appointed but on the small side. The suite (pictured above) was huge and gave you more than enough space to stretch out and relax. The decor, especially the carpet, reminded me that I was in a hotel that catered to the business world; too sterile and conservative for me.

Room service is on par for a hotel of this type, nothing special in the menu but timely service and reasonably priced items.

The concierge service was disappointing but I have concluded The Langham Hotel is really a business hotel, not one geared for vacationers.

All in all, the hotel was nice, service was decent but it just lacked that something that made it special.

Would I go back to The Langham? Yes, if it was for a business trip. No, if it was for anything else.

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