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The Bunker Restaurant - Queenstown, New Zealand

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The Bunker Restaurant - Queenstown, New Zealand - Hidden behind an unmarked black door makes finding The Bunker a bit difficult, but once you take your first bite you know it was worth the work it took to find it.

Rated as one of the top dining experiences in Queenstown, The Bunker offers venison, lamb, duck, scampi, quail and some of the best oysters I have ever had, accompanied by an extensive wine list that offers both local and international wines.

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Surprisingly, with only two people working on the floor, service was perfect. From great wine recommendations to flawless presentation to just the right amount of small talk, they got it right.

Between the huge open fireplace, the candlelight and the softly playing lounge music in the background the ambiance at this fine dining restaurant in Queenstown was perfect.

If you are in Queenstown and only have one night for to devote to a beautiful 5-star dinner, The Bunker is the place. Make sure you have reservations so you don't miss this place. It really is a hidden away gem but as I said earlier, it is worth the hunt.

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