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Grand Hyatt Hotel - Muscat, Oman

Calling it Grand is Overstated.


Grand Hyatt Hotel, Muscat, Oman: Located in the heart of the diplomatic and government district of Muscat, on the sandy beach of Shatti Al Qurm, the Grand Hyatt Hotel offers some great views of the Gulf of Oman. Of course, you need to book a room with a great view; otherwise, you could end up with less flattering views.

First Impression/Lobby: Pulling up to the hotel, I was impressed with the speed and level of service the doorman and bellmen showed, it was apparently they knew the meaning of five-star service.

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The lobby of the Grand Hyatt was extremely impressive. It is a spacious lobby with a strong Arabian feel. It has class, style and beauty all in a décor that matches the beauty of Oman.

Reception: Check in was smooth and easy but checking out was not as simple. They charged me for the wrong type of room and getting the bill corrected was an ordeal that took almost thirty-minutes.

The Suite: The over-sized suite was poorly appointed. Everywhere I looked, I saw empty, wasted space. The placement of the armoire and TV in the bedroom made it impossible to view from the bed or the desk. The suite looked more like an extra room they decided to decorate with some spare furniture they had left over, rather than a suite in a five-star hotel.

The carpet appeared to be new, but apparently, it was poorly installed. There were bubbles in the carpet throughout the room where the carpet was detaching from the floor. Unfortunately, this did not help pull the attention away from the vast, wasted space but just made the suite look cheap and rundown.

The large marble bathroom had its share of wasted space as well. It did have a separate shower and bathtub but only a single sink. With all the extra room, it defiantly should have had a twin sinks. The ammenities were Hyatt brand and the towels were far from plush.

The suite was as disappointing as it was spacious.

Room Service: The menu was typical of what you would get a most five-star hotels. The preparation was decent but it defiantly is not anything I would rate as above average.

Restaurant: The Grand Hyatt in Muscat has a variety of dining; Marjan Poolside Restaurant and Bar, has a South-East Asian flare and the best burgers I have had in a long time, it tasted as if it was right off the grill. Tuscany specializes in Italian cuisine. Mokha Café, the international restaurant, offers both buffet and la carte dining. The Rooftop Grill House specializes in steaks, game meats and seafood. There is something to meet everyone's tastes at the Grand Hyatt.

Overall Impression From the outside pool area and the lobby of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Muscat would lead you to believe the hotel is truly grand but after a few days there, I came to the conclusion that even with a great foundation, the hotel was far from grand.

When it comes to selecting a hotel in Oman, the Chedi will continue to be my first choice.

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