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Tokyo Taro Sushi Restaurant, Al Falaj Hotel

Average Sushi in Oman


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Tokyo Taro Restaurant, Al Falaj Hotel - Muscat, Oman: A country that relies on oil for its main source of income, Oman's agriculture and cultivation accounts for less than 1%. Locally, they produce vegetables, grains, limes, and dates, while most of their food is imported. Local Oman cuisine is thus fairly simple. Restaurants in city areas such as Muscat usually serve international cuisine.

The pioneer of Japanese cuisine in Oman and arguably the best sushi in town is located in the heart of the city just a few minutes from the airport, in the 8th floor of the Al Falaj Hotel: The Tokyo Taro'a casual dining restaurant frequented by locals and expats alike. They serve the usual Japanese-chain restaurant fare of Sushi, Tempura, Sashimi, and Teppanyaki nothing impressive in terms of luxury hotel restaurant expectations, but would still satisfy the average Joe who loves Japanese food.

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The restaurant was relatively small and very, very basic in design taking Japanese minimalism to the extreme to the point of looking dull. It had a great view of the city, a bar, and traditional Japanese seating arrangements. Their sushi was fresh and delectable enough but definitely does not make the cut, not even close, to the best sushi I've tried. In Oman, however, you do not have many choices for sushi, and Tokyo Taro's food was good enough that I would go back.

Is it bombastic? Not really. But with so few choices, it's one of the best in Oman that I rate it somewhere between bombastic and not.

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