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Misibis Bay Resort - Philippines | Resort Review

Warm and Friendly Staff, Blissfuly Surroundings


Misibis Bay Resort - Cagraray Island, Philippines: A newly developed property maintained by the Rain Tree Group and a member of the Small Luxury Hotels, Misibis Bay Resort is a lovely cluster of residential-style luxury villas and bungalows built along the shore of Misibis Beach, dubbed as the “Boracay of Bicol.” The white sand beach is set in the 480-hectare island of Cagraray in Albay, Philippines, facing the Pacific Ocean. From Manila, it is about an hour flight to the main land and another 45-60 minute drive and boat ride to get to the island and resort. (Click here to see over 55 pictures of Misibis Bay Resort in the Philippines.)

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First Impression/Lobby: Upon our arrival at the airport, the staff of Misibis Bay was there to give us a warm welcome. They were dressed a bit too casually, not in the hotel uniform that we were accustomed to from our experience with most luxury hotels’ airport transfers. While their clothes lacked professionalism, the staff was quite attentive and promptly took our bags and led us to an ordinary-looking van. It was certainly far from the luxurious vehicle we were expecting from a supposedly upscale property.

Once in the van, the host pulled out some water and munchies from his pockets, which he then offered to us. Along with our driver and host, we had another employee with us that had arrived on the same flight as ours (so much for privacy).

Once all the bags were loaded we were on our way to Misibis Bay. Along the way, our host gave us some history of the island and pointed out some highlights. We even stopped so we could get some pictures of the gorgeously symmetrical Mayon Volcano.

After the stop, we continued through many twists and turns passing along a very rural part of the island. Finally, the van pulled onto a barge where we were transferred and ferried across to Cagraray Island. It took less than ten minutes to cross the river. Once on Cagraray Island it was just a short drive to Misibis Bay Resort.

As we pulled into Misibis Bay Resort, two local Filipinos dressed in traditional costume greeted us and performed a customary welcome dance. At that point I was starting to get impressed.

The resort lobby was simple with just a couple of wicker couches with overstuffed cushions and a small front desk. While waiting to be checked in, we were served coconut juice in coconut shells (not that tasty, but they had a neat presentation) along with chips and small cans of Evian spray water.

Undoubtedly, the best part of our arrival was the warm welcome from the staff.

Reception: Check-in was completed in no time and we were off to our suite in mere minutes.

The Suite: Our suite was a Beach Front Luxury Villa with Private Pool. We had Villa #11, located directly on the water right next to the main beach. The view was paradise and thoroughly calming and rejuvenating in the daytime, from the side view, the scenery was too open and we felt more comfortable keeping the blinds of the window to the main beach closed.

The front of the room had an expansive wall of glass with draperies to pull down for privacy. The décor was a mix of native materials and contemporary style with a dash of bright colors on a background of mostly beige and browns. Complimentary goodies including Bikolano bags, abaca slippers, and sweetened pili nuts were laid out for us.

Outside the room was a private deck with a small plunge pool and two lounge chairs, which was an absolutely perfect place for lazing in the sun and taking in the gorgeous views of Misibis Bay.

The bathrooms were modern and minimal, equipped with L’Occitane bath products and VMV sunblock.

Room Service: If there was a negative to Misibis Bay Resort, it was that the food options were sparse at times and the quality ranged from “I would never eat it again” to “It was the best I’ve ever tasted”.

The day we arrived we wanted a late and light lunch and so called room service to order a sandwich. The only sandwich they could offer us was ham and cheese and when it arrived, it looked and tasted (even more so) disgusting.

On both days that we were in the resort, we had breakfast in our room. While the presentation and set up was always nice, there was no consistency at all with the quality of their food. On the first day, everything we ate was decent (but not great). The second day, everything from the fruit to the eggs was low quality and seemed to make us think that we were stuck on some deserted island.

Housekeeping: The housekeeping was stellar and deserving of five stars. In this area, I had nothing to complain about. Everything was done with great care and detail.

Restaurants: Misibis Bay Resort has three restaurants serving local Bikolano and Western dishes: Dela Playa, Spice Market, and Seafood Shack. Spice Market is the main restaurant and is usually set up as a buffet.

As with room service, the quality of the food ranged from bad to great. One dish that I will remember though even months later is their rack of lamb… oh so, so good!

Pool/Spa/Activities: The resort has gorgeous pools and offers tons of activities for guests: island hopping, four-wheel quad rides to see the sun set over the volcano, kayaking,snorkeling, diving, and private romantic lunches and dinners.

We enjoyed a romantic, candle lit dinner on the beach and a private BBQ lunch with enough food to feed a small village on a private part of the island (about a 20-minute boat ride from the resort) followed by a few hours of cruising around on their boat. The staff fulfilled every request we had and provided us with a glorious and unforgettable island beach experience.

Check-Out: Check out was fast and quick just as it should be at a luxury resort. For our transfer back to the airport, we rode on one of their boats. While we got a bit wet, it made for a fun and excellent way to end our stay at Misibis Bay Resort.

Overall Impression: The staff at Misibis Bay Resort were not always the most professional, but what they lacked in experience, they more than made up for in attitude, warmth and spirit. In just two days, we left the resort feeling like we were part of a family. So many resorts talk about making you feel at home, but this is one of the few places that do not talk about it, they just do it as if it was the most natural thing. Our Rating for Misibis Bay Resort is a well deserved Bombastic!

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