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LaBrezza Italian Restaurant – Singapore | Restaurant Review

A disappointing restaurant at St. Regis Hotel in Singapore


Restaurant Category : Italian

LaBrezza restaurant situated on the second floor in St. Regis Hotel in Singapore was one of the many restaurants in Singapore that we set out to explore. This Italian restaurant in Singapore was situated near the pool with seating both on the inside and outside. The view that one was offered from here was pleasant and it was a great place to settle in for a meal and a good chat.

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The First Impression: This Italian restaurant in Singapore offered a decent setting alongside the pool of the St. Regis Hotel. The first impression on walking in won favors with us with its pretty décor and a laid-back, relaxed ambience. The restaurant was relatively empty and had just a few business men grabbing a meal when we walked in as it was quite late.

Décor and Ambience: The outside of this Italian restaurant in Singapore had brown wicker chairs that were spread along one side of the pool area. The inside had high straight-back wicker chairs in white and tables set in white offset by blue cushions and drapes. The interiors projected a warm soft aura with the soft-tones on the walls that contrasted with the bright splashes of colors that the paintings on the wall exuded. There were a few booths offered as seating and a bar with a few chairs at one corner of this Italian restaurant in Singapore.

The Food: We started with an order of a Bloody Mary which proved to be amazing. But even before we could unwind and finish our drink in peace, it was taken away and replaced with the wine we had ordered. Almost as if the waiters were ordered to grab it from us as soon as the last sip was taken.

We went on to have the spaghetti with chili and oil and lamb shanks and pork. The spaghetti was served as a miniscule portion. What was large was the $20 SGD the Italian restaurant in Singapore charged for it. The pork too was served as a small portion and was very dry and unappetizing served with a couple of uninteresting spears of asparagus and four small pieces of apple. The veal shank on the other hand proved to be delicious. The meat had a great texture, was juicy and cooked to perfection served with amazing mashed potatoes and mouth-watering gravy. The portion was of a good size and the dish was exquisite.

We also had a look at the wine list in this Italian restaurant in Singapore. The wine list proved to be extensive with fourteen pages of white wines and even more red wines. The prices were quite premium, but worthy of the selection offered.

The Service: The service at this Italian restaurant in Singapore rocketed between being intrusive to being absolutely ignoring its guests. We felt like we were being herded most of the time; almost as if they were paid to get us out of the restaurant quickly. The meals and drinks came close to being grabbed out of our hands with the next course quickly set down in front of us. It really took away the relaxed ambience the décor offered and had us edgy and not very comfortable. Plus, the waiters seemed eternally busy trying to remove all outside seating and setting tables inside and the whole process was quite chaotic.

The Calculated Impression: This Italian restaurant in Singapore didn’t have us raving about it by the end of the meal. The place also served a weekend breakfast which was of average quality when compared to the Brasserie Les Saveurs’s buffet that St. Regis Hotel housed down on the main floor. The average quality of food and the close to appalling service was quite disappointing. Our rating for LaBrezza Italian Restaurant at St. Regis Hotel in Singapore is a dismal Between Bombastic and Not.

What I liked: The décor, ambience and the outside seating option offered in this Italian restaurant in Singapore.

What I didn’t like: The average quality of food and the dreadful service.

Rating: Between Bombastic and Not.

Address and Telephone Number
LaBrezza Restaurant
29 Tanglin Road
Singapore- 247911
Phone: (65) 6506 6888

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