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Nadaman Japanese Restaurant - Singapore | Restaurant Review

Bland and boring... avoid!


Restaurant Category : Japanese, Sushi

Nadaman Japanese Restaurant - Singapore - As Sushi restaurants go, Nadaman is about as average and boring as it gets. Located in the Shangri-la Hotel in Singapore and recommended to us by the concierge at the five-star hotel, The Ritz Carlton, Nadaman did not live up to what I would expect a hotel, like The Ritz, to recommend.

The decor was bland and uninteresting which in this case, matched the bland and boring menu.

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Service and the food were both equally dull and below 5-star level. Nadaman is about as exciting as this review and both are as easily forgotten.

If you are in Singapore and in the mood for some great sushi, do not make Nadaman your first choice, as you will be sorely disappointed.

After visiting four different Japanese Sushi Restaurants in Singapore, we did not find any that we rated Bombastic, so we decided to list them in order from the one with the highest score (and our favorite) to the one with the lowest score.

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