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Oosh Restaurant - Singapore | Restaurant Review

Great Atmosphere, Everything Else Not Bombastic


Restaurant Category : International, Japanese

Oosh - Singapore: Located on Dempsey Road in Singapore, Oosh serves an interesting mix of Japanese dishes and Western-European cuisine with a twist. It was recommended to us as one of the best in Singapore. Here's what we found.

The atmosphere was fabulous. The setting is trendy, lively and romantic. Both indoor and outdoor seating options are available. Some of it is in little huts spaced far apart from each other, allowing diners privacy to enjoy the ambiance. The bar area has clusters of sofas and coffee tables making it a perfect place to meet friends for drinks. The crowd is made up largely of young executives out on the town.

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The food is mediocre to say the least. The dishes sound delicious on the menu, but lose much of their flavor in the translation from paper to plate. The Roasted Lamb Rack served with a Soy Glaze and Purple Potato, was the best entrée on our table. The Chocolate Cake is dense, moist and sublime. Aside from this, the other food was average.

The service was horrible very slow and uninterested. The restaurant has a ton of potential, but the poor service and food rate it as not bombastic!

*****UPDATE November 27, 2011*****
We headed back to Oosh to try just the bar portion of the establishment and service was just as bad as it had been the first time. We were hoping for a nice place to just hang out for the evening, but Oosh just failed us again! We stick by our Not Bombastic rating for Oosh Restaurant and Bar.

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