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Rang Mahal Indian Restaurant - Singapore | Restaurant Review

High-End Indian Dining


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Rang Mahal Indian Restaurant – Singapore: Located on the third floor of the Pan Pacific hotel, Rang Mahal is renowned for its delicious Indian cuisine. Their menu boasts of regional Indian dishes with authentic traditional favorites given a modern interpretation. It is only fitting that their kitchen team is also composed of experienced chefs from the various regions of India. With a gorgeous décor which makes for a very high-end and upscale ambience, we were definitely in for a fine dining experience.

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We went there for a casual lunch and even though they offered a large lunch buffet, we decided to order from their ala carte menu instead. The menu was varied and had a nice selection of Indian cuisine, but I was a bit taken aback by their prices; $27-35 USD for lunch. Granted the atmosphere was stunning, but to me, that is on the high-end for a lunch at an Indian restaurant.

Some of the dishes were Portobello Mushrooms which was stuffed with cheese and grilled to perfection in the tandoor and Samarkand Prawns which were enormous prawns dry-rubbed with tandoori spices and stuffed with freshly shredded crab meat and also grilled in the tandoor oven. The Bombay Spiced Vegetables with Cumin Pao was the most traditional dish off the menu. This Indian Restaurant in Singapore really did have a nice, upscale menu.

We had the jumbo sized prawns to start. They were superb! Unlike any prawns I’ve had before they were a great twist and a great way to start our lunch.

My main course was their version of Butter Chicken, my stand by favorite Indian dish. My partner had the Chicken Vindaloo. Both dishes were excellent, but honestly, I think we were paying for the atmosphere and the service. Both dishes were tops, but it’s hard to justify paying $25.00+ (each) for those dishes.

Service was as you would expect at a high-end place like Rang Mahal, attentive without being intrusive.

Overall, we had a great lunch. However, I believe Rang Mahal is better suited as a dinner spot, not for lunch. If I were to go back it would defiantly have to be for dinner; dressed up, relaxed and ready for a beautiful evening. That is what Rang Mahal is best suited for.

For an Indian Restaurant in Singapore and based on my lunch experience, I give Rang Mahal a rating of Almost Bombastic.

What I liked: Prawns stuffed with crab meat and the attentive service

What I didn’t like: The setting (and prices) was more appropriate for dinner

Rating: Almost Bombastic

Address and Telephone Number:
Rang Mahal Indian Restaurant – Singapore
Address: 7 Raffles Boulevard, 3F Pan Pacific Hotel, Singapore
Telephone: (65) 6333 1788
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