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The Ritz Carlton - Singapore | Hotel Review

5 Star Hotel Lacks in Service


The Ritz Carlton - Millenia - Singapore

First Impression/Lobby - The Singapore Ritz Carlton Millenia's lobby is about as classy as any lobby I have seen in any 5-star or luxury hotels in Southeast Asia. Large, contemporary, stylish with a welcoming staff that confirms you made the right decision choosing The Ritz Millenia from all the other five star hotels in Singapore.

Reception - Check-in was not as smooth as I would expect from a five star hotel like The Ritz. The receptionist that was checking in was as pleasant and welcoming as I could have hoped for but, our check-in was continually interrupted by her co-workers. A process that should have taken just a few minutes was drawn out to almost ten minutes due to the interruptions. Either she was the smartest one there and everyone had to go to her for answers or she was the most helpful of the bunch and everyone over-relied on her. Either way, the check-in process was not as smooth and simple as it should have been.

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Once we finally got the key to our room we were escorted to a room which did not match the description or photos of the room we reserved. Two hours later, after going back and forth they were able to get us a room with the view we had reserved. Disappointingly, the management did not seem to hesitate in showing us a smaller, lower category room, at the same price or a smoking room, we had reserved non-smoking. The response and actions of management in situations like this tell you a lot about a hotel. In this case, the great first impression I had up arrival was all but gone.

The Room - Our room, as were all the rooms they showed us as we were checking in, was over-sized and meticulously decorated. The view, which actually was the deciding factor in where to stay in Singapore, was spectacular. The beautiful Marina Bay with the Singapore skyline as its backdrop was unparalleled to anything we could have found at any of the other five star hotel in Singapore. Lush linens, plush bathrobes, a large walk-in closest, a huge marble bathroom with twin basins, separate shower and bathtub (which had a bombastic view to enjoy while soaking). The living area, with its unobstructed views of the bay and skyline, was spacious but with a warm, at home feeling.

Room Service - It was hard to decide which was better, the service from Room Service or the food itself. Both were unexceptionally great. The only complaint was that between the spectacular view and the mouth-watering meals it was hard to think of a reason to go out for dinner. As Room Service goes, the five star Ritz Carlton Millenia has the best in Southeast Asia.

Concierge - Had the Concierge service been half as good as Room Service I would have been ecstatic, however, that was not the case. Each time we asked about great restaurants or a nice wine bar the response was very vague. The concierges were really unsure of what to recommend and were hesitant to even try to find out.

On one occasion, after we researched on our own and decided upon a restaurant, we asked one of the concierges to make reservations for us. For some reason she was reluctant to call. It was only after we prodded her that she half-heartedly made the call and booked us a table. Had the poor service been from just one person I would attribute that to the individual. However, my experience with each of the Concierges that I dealt with was way below expectations from a five star hotel like The Ritz.

Overall Impression - The Ritz-Carlton Millenia, Singapore is structurally a bombastic hotel. The decor, the view, the ammenities are great. Service on the other hand is inconsistent between departments, at times, disappointing at best. Would I recommend the Singapore Ritz? Not unless the most important thing to you is the view. If you want service, I would try one of the many other five star or luxury hotels in Singapore.

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