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Yantra Indian Restaurant - Singapore

Elegant Atmosphere, Disappointing Food


Restaurant Category : Indian

Yantra, a North Indian fine dining restaurant in Singapore is located in a quiet corner of Tanglin Mall in Tanglin road. This restaurant has an unassuming entrance that leads diners to a huge dining space all of 7,000 square feet.

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The décor of Yantra follows a dark wood theme which adds to its rich and elegant atmosphere. This restaurant can seat 138 diners at a time and is suitable for events and gatherings. Luxurious private dining rooms are also available. This Indian restaurant in Singapore features an open kitchen that displays four large Tandoors behind a glass enclosure.

We decided to have dinner at Yantra since we had heard a lot of positive reviews about this fine dining restaurant. The menu had a variety of kebabs and chats. After leafing through the same, we opted for their signature dish, the Chettinad Spiced Crab Cakes along with Murg Makhani, Nan and rice. Alas, we were in for a huge disappointment. The crab cakes were cold in the middle and hot on the outside which led me to believe that they were just taken out of a freezer and deep fried. For a fine dining restaurant, this is definitely not impressive.

Next up was the Murgh Makhani or Butter Chicken. This dish was too sweet and the rice just tasted old. This couldn’t have been possible since we were there just after they opened, unless of course the rice was from the day before. The Nan was dry to the point that we hardly ate any of it. Overall, the food and the presentation was a huge letdown.

Service was inconsistent throughout dinner. Overall, Yantra has an elegant atmosphere. Sadly, the food did nothing to complement it. This restaurant will surely be a disappointment to those looking for a fine dining Indian restaurant in Singapore. Our rating for Yantra is Almost Not Bombastic.

What I liked: Only the interiors and the ambience

What I didn’t like: The food was a big let down

Rating: Almost Not Bombastic

Address and Telephone Number:
Tanglin Mall #01-28/33
163 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247933
Telephone: 6836 3088
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5 Star and Luxury

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