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Sante Winelands Hotel - Spa and Wellness Centre - Winelands, South Africa | Hotel Review

Winelands, South Africa


Sante Winelands Spa and Wellness Centre, Winelands, South Africa - This property will be a little more difficult to review because the day we arrived the room we requested was not available so we ended up staying in a four-bedroom villa on the property instead. Did we complain about that? NO! The villa was GORGEOUS!

I will not go into much detail about the villa other to say it was bombastic, huge fireplace, a private pool, huge, huge kitchen (would be great for a cooking /dinner party), dining room, and some spectacular views of the vineyards with the mountains as a backdrop. Bombastic!

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The hotel itself, was beautiful, at least what we saw from it. Heck, when you have your own private villa there is not much reason to hang out at the hotel.

The restaurants were average but of course, they had a great selection of South African wines, which we really fell in love with. Overall, the food and service were average.

The spa on the other hand, was BOMBASTIC! We did a full day of treatments starting with a Shiraz Grape Seed Scrub, followed by a Chardonnay Cocoon Wrap and a Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Casket Bath with color, liquid sound and magnetic field therapy and completing the day with a facial and manicure. WOW talk about BOMBASTIC. After a few weeks of racing from one end of South Africa to the other and "roughing it" on safari, this is just what I needed.

Villa or no villa, the spa is what made Sante Winelands BOMBASTIC!

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