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Singita Sweni Lodge - Kruger National Park, South Africa | Hotel Review

5 Star, Luxury Safari and Lodge, Kruger National Park, South Africa


Singita Sweni Lodge - Kruger National Park, South Africa - The only way I can describe Singita Sweni Lodge is FANTASTIC BOMBASTIC. This was the place of my first ever "real" safari (see Sri Lanka for my first game park). I did not know what to expect but even in my wildest dreams I could not have dreamt up the sophistication, elegance and pure beauty of the lodge and our room. This is one place that truly rivals nature for beauty.

The rooms are extremely large with just walls of windows separating you from the sounds of the hippos spouting and grunting and the occasional screech of the neighborhood monkeys, but they do nothing to hinder the glorious views of the Sweni River right outside your room.

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Being this was our first safari we had nothing to compare Singita to, but since then, this is the gold medal standard we compare all other lodges to.

We were lucky enough to have our own ranger and guide for the whole trip. (Always ask if this is possible, it will make your trip that much more enjoyable). They were excellent. Very knowledgeable and because it was just us in the jeep, we had full reign as to where to go and what we wanted to see next. We asked for it and they found it. (I will take a one charging elephant and a pair of lions to go please.)

In addition to the beautiful room, great staff, unbelievable game drives, I can't leave out the 5 Star restaurant with the best wine list I have seen at a lodge, even surpassing some wine lists at restaurants in Paris and Rome. They have a magnificent wine cellar that is open for your viewing pleasures, for wine tasting or if you want to pick your own wine for dinner. Moreover, the food is what you would expect at your finest five star restaurants in Europe.

Singita Sweni Lodge has so much to offer, so much going for it, so much that it is just too much to try to capture in one writing. If you go, and you should, you need to visit the tranquil pool, so relaxing and if you need even more relaxation, check out their spa. It is five star luxury at its best.

You will never regret a visit to Singita Sweni Lodge and with only six suites, yes only six, it fills up fast so book early. This is one five star, luxury camp in South Africa that you will not want to miss. Enjoy your travels and have a BOMBASTIC time.

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