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Las Casas de la Juderia Hotel - Seville, Spain | Hotel Review


Las Casas de la Juderia Hotel - Seville, Spain - Centrally located in the heart of Old Town, Seville, Spain, Las Casas de la Juderia Hotel was a perfectly located.

Getting to the hotel was a bit of a hassle due to the narrow streets but we made it in one piece.

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Reception was great and made us feel very much at home. The hotel itself is an All-Suite hotel, in historical, centuries-old, Moorish-style buildings, built around two courtyards, which made getting to the rooms almost as difficult as getting to the hotel itself.

Up the stairs and down a hall the down another set of stairs and down a longer hall, around a corner, up the elevator, around the courtyard and finally to the room. All in all, it made the coming and going a tad annoying.

The courtyards were beautiful, as were the rooms but both were small and the room felt like an over-stuffed suitcase about to burst.

Service throughout the hotel was good. They really made you feel welcome and did a good job to make sure we were comfortable.

They have a beautiful rooftop pool but because of the time of year we were there it was closed. I could picture spending some time there in the height of summer; I think it would be a wonderful escape.

Las Casas de la Juderia Hotel has one restaurant, Emporion which serves typical Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine. It is open for both lunch and dinner. I suggest reservations as you never know what to expect with a small place like this. The Piano Bar has a formal English gentleman's club setting. I did not spend too much time there but it was a great place of a cocktail before heading out for dinner.

Overall, our stay at Las Casas de la Juderia Hotel was great. No real complaints other than the small rooms and the maze of hallways, passageways and stairs to get to the room.

Location and service was perfect. It is not a 5 Star, luxury hotel, but for the money, you cannot go wrong staying at Las Casas de la Juderia Hotel.

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