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Marbella Club - Marbella, Spain | Hotel Review


Marbella Club - Marbella, Spain - Facing the Mediterranean Sea on the southern coast of Spain, Marbella Club, a Leading Small Hotel of the World, was a nice escape from the cities and small hotels and small hotel rooms in Madrid and Seville.

Check in was very typical, not a warm welcome but at least fast and efficient. We were escorted to our room and found it to be nice and large with a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea. The room decorated in yellows, golds, oranges and blues was very typical resort decor, actually too typical.

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I thought for sure the Marbella Club would have breath-taking rooms but as it turned out, they were quite plain. The room was nice size (larger than where we had stayed in Madrid and Seville) but again, not as large as I would have expected from a hotel the caliber of Marbella Club. The balcony was not large but it was big enough for two chairs and a small table to fit comfortably and definitely large enough to enjoy the beautiful view of the Mediterranean.

The pool area was gorgeous, but closed because to being off-season however, it has all the makings for beautiful days lounging and swimming.

Room service had a decent menu but not at all what you would expect for a resort this size. The food however, was surprisingly good. Service it self was on par with any resort this size. Fairly predictable but slow on occasion.

My overall impression of Marbella Club is that it is a resort that has an ideal location, good infrastructure but just is not living up to its potential. Would I go back? Yes, I would try it during the "in-season" to see if it was just the time of year that led to my less than bombastic opinion of the Marbella Club.

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