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Spaghetti Factory – Zurich, Switzerland

A Variety of Spaghettis but Not Worth a Visit


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Spaghetti Factory – Zurich, Switzerland: While in Zurich, we set out to try two casual Italian restaurants that specialized in pasta—La Pasta Ristorante and Spaghetti Factory (not connected to the Spaghetti Factory chain found in the US). Spaghetti Factory was the lesser of the two.

Located in a charming old townhouse on the main street Niederdorfstrasse, Spaghetti Factory has a stylish atmosphere with a fun ambiance, a place for dining with friends. The interior is traditional yet contemporary with its tall and painted ceilings and a décor with hues of yellow and soft reds that gives it an old world feel.

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The menu was jam packed with 22 different varieties of spaghetti (sauces), from plain marinara to Mexican and everything in between. Other than the spaghetti choices, however, the menu was pretty bleak with just a few selections of salads, meats and fish. They also serve a few unremarkable white, rose and red wines.

While the prices were pretty reasonable you get exactly what you pay for—the food was mediocre at best. It surely tasted commercial and the presentation ghastly cafeteria-style. “Here’s your bowl of pasta” was pretty much all it was. Even though there were just a few people while we were there, service was very poor and halfhearted; their lack of enthusiasm reflected in the food they served.

My overall rating for the Spaghetti Factory in Zurich—Not Bombastic!

What I liked: Decor

What I didn’t like: The food and service

Rating: Not Bombastic

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