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Klein's Camp - Northeastern Serengeti, Tanzania | Hotel Review

5 Star Safari Camp on the Serengeti, Tanzania


Klein's Camp - Northeastern Serengeti, Tanzania - Our room was simple, yet somehow elegant. Our room was at the end of the other rooms and from the front porch, you could look out over the valley below. Private and breathtaking beautiful, just how we like it. The room itself had dark hardwood floors and white accents that just gave it an understated beauty.

We spent the first afternoon by the pool, which in itself could have kept me happy for a day or two just lounging by that. Tucked away from the world made you forget about everything and just take in the sounds from the migrating zebra and wildebeest below. The sight of the occasional eagle, hawk and buzzard kept your mind busy, wondering what was their view was like from way up there and then remembering the flight earlier in the day when you saw the great migration from their perspective. No, I cannot stay by the pool for two days, I need to get out there and see the migration first hand!

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Calling it the "great migration" is an understatement, it should be called the BOMBASTIC migration. Seeing that many animals all at once was an experience I wish everyone was able to have at least once in their life. Seeing the numbers and variety cannot be compared to any other experience but it definitely is one that I must and will experience again!

The pictures don't do it justice, seeing it from the air doesn't do it justice, being down in the middle of it all just begins to make you realize how small we really are in the scheme of things in the world. Being there is over-powering and awe inspiring.

If you want an experience of a lifetime, then put Klein's Camp during the Great Migration on your to-do list.

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