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Singita Sabora Tented Camp - Grumeti Reserves, Tanzania

A Truly Luxurious Tented Camp!


The Singita Sabora Tented Camp is located on the Serengeti plains in the Grumeti Reserve, bordering the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. This beautiful 1920s style camp sits in the path of the famous Great Migration route. (Click here to browse through over 30 pictures of Singita Sabora Tented Camp in Grumeti Reserves, Tanzania.)

We flew in from Arusha to the Sasakwa Airstrip in Grumeti Reserve, a journey of 1 hour and 25 minutes with just one stop along the way. From the Sasakwa Airstrip, the Sabora Tented camp is just 30 minutes away by road. If you are traveling by road from Arusha, the journey will take approximately 8 hours.

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Designed around a 1920s theme, the Sabora Tented camp offers spectacular 360-degree views of the plains. Dark, Georgian style ‘Campaign’ furniture has been used throughout the camp to evoke the old world charm. The Sabora Tented Camp has 9 opulent colonial style tents made of stone and canvas. The camp also features a dining room, bar lounge, elevated viewing deck, library and a swimming pool.

First Impression/Lobby: After the 30 minute drive to the Sabora Tented camp, we were more than ready to get there. Though the drive was nice, it was not very impressive as far as game viewing was concerned. We were met at the Land Rover by the camp manager and some of the staff as is the custom with such camps. However, what set this reception apart was that instead of a cool towel to refresh ourselves, they had a large copper wash basin and a pitcher of water ready and waiting at the entrance to the lobby. I easily could imagine this being the scene decades ago as the rich and famous returned from a day of safari.

Reception: Since everything was prepaid, the staff at the reception just took some general information such as food likes/dislikes, allergies, etc. We were shown to our tent soon after this small formality.

The Tent: Our tent was amazing, especially when compared to the tent we had stayed at just a week earlier in Kenya. It really felt as if we were stepping back in time to the colonial days when the rich British visited Africa. The tent offered ample space and privacy (again, unlike our previous tent).

Our tent was raised on a wooden deck and appointed in an opulent style with wooden furniture, antique mahogany travel chests, silk curtains and cushions, a four poster bed and Persian rugs. A dressing area, reading area and a viewing deck with a Swarovski spotting scope, were other notable features. Though the tent was air-conditioned, it didn’t do a great job of cooling the whole tent. However, its position right above the bed made it really cool for sleeping at night.

The tent was equipped with a free direct dial telephone (US lines) and wireless internet access, a rarity at other luxury safari camps.

In addition to the en suite bathroom, an outdoor shower was present. The en suite bathroom featured an old fashioned bathtub and twin sinks.

Room Service: While we could have very well had meals in our tent, we never did. After spending some glorious days in this camp, I could almost guarantee that had we opted for a meal in our room, the staff would have blown our socks off with their presentation alone. And the food, well, that I can say for sure would be top notch.

Housekeeping: Housekeeping at Sabora Tented camp was in one word, perfect. Our tent was actually serviced three times a day, during each game drive and while we were at dinner. The room, or should I say tent was meticulously attended to at all times.

Concierge: All concierge related issues were handled by our ranger or the camp manger. Once again, each step of our stay at Sabora Tented camp was just perfect.

Restaurant: This is one area where the camp really excelled. Francois, the South African chef was just incredible. From sushi to Indian to fresh salads and gorgeous lamb, the food was always inventive, fresh and perfectly prepared. Locally grown organic ingredients were used in the preparation of food.

The floors of the dining room were carpeted. A chandelier hung from the ceiling. White table clothes stood out against the dark wood chairs. Breakfast timings were flexible and included fresh fruit, cereals, home-baked goods and a cooked breakfast. Lunch and dinner was served at various spots such as in the library, at the pool, romantically set alongside a solitary tree and of course, on a large viewing deck. Regardless of where they set it up, it was always done in true five-star fashion.

Pool/Spa/Activities: The swimming pool was small but refreshing. Its location next to the main lobby/dining room area did not offer much privacy, but that didn’t really matter. The camp tended to be rather quiet and with the African heat it would have taken more than a few people hanging around to keep me out of the pool.

Game drives were offered day and afternoon, with professional guides. However, night drives were not allowed in this part of the reserve.

The Sabora Tented camp also offers activities such as archery, stargazing safaris, mountain biking and tennis. A fully equipped gymnasium and spa are the other major features of the camp. The spa offers a range of treatments in its two treatment rooms. The Singita shop at the camp offers a range of African artifacts and curios.

Check-Out: As with most safari camps, everything was prepaid. So, it was just a matter of saying our good byes and climbing into the Land Rover and we were on our way (in this case to Faru Faru). The check-out process was quick, efficient and professional, just as it should be at a five-star hotel.

Overall Impression: The service, the accommodations and the food, all were first-class. Though the game drive was not as impressive as the Serengeti in terms of the number of animals we spotted, the Grumeti Reserves had its own beauty.

The best part of our stay at Singita Sabora Tented Camp was the service, the food and of course having all that pure luxury and opulence in a tent!


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