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Müzede Changa Fusion Restaurant - Istanbul, Turkey | Restaurant Review

Chic and Trendy but Overall Disappointing


Restaurant Category : Mediterranean

Müzede Changa Fusion Restaurant - Istanbul, Turkey - Müzedechanga - Positioned with a gorgeous view of the Bosphorus, in the lush gardens of the Sakip Sabanci Museum, sits the 2007 Wallpaper Design Award winning new restaurant, Müzedechanga, a Turkish fused with a Mediterranean twist restaurant.

The award for best new restaurant design is perplexing. Yes, it is nice; a bit trendy and chic, but how it was rated in the top ten new restaurants is beyond me. Apparently, there must not have been many new restaurants that open in the world this past year.

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The view of the Bosphorus is outstanding. The location next to the Sakip Sabanci Museum gives it an air of exclusivity and glamor, but the decor itself is not one that impressed me. Actually, the only thing that made me really notice the decor was the big tacky sticker on the front of their menu announcing the award.

The service and the dinner were equally poor. The long waits for service gave us time to enjoy the view, but did nothing to enhance our experience. It was a very slow evening so we could not blame the poor service on being to busy, so I would assume this is the best you could expect even on a busy night.

The food was about as disappointing as anything I have ever had. How you can ruin a Rocket Salad with dried sour cherries, pine kernels and goat cheese, I will never quite understand. My main course, a true fusion dish, spinach and cheese tortellini with porcini and creamy lemon sauce was a combination that would have been better left to one imagination. My desert, chocolate-walnut and carrot cake, which I was sure would save the meal, did not even come close. The carrot cake tasted like it was fresh out of the freezer, the chocolate-walnut cake was not so lucky. It seems to have been enjoying the view from a counter top the past few days.

Overall, my experience was a huge disappointment. The food, the drinks, the service, were all a let down. If you desire a truly delicious meal and a great view, skip Müzedechanga and take a five-minute boat ride across the Bosphorus to the Asian side, and visit A'Jia Restaurant.

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