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Grace Bay Club - Turks and Caicos - Luxury Resort Review

The Most Beautiful Beach on Earth


Grace Bay Club - Turks and Caicos Islands:
The first luxury, and possibly the best hotel in the beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands, Grace Bay Club is every inch a paradise. This Spanish-inspired hotel with its red-tile roofs, stucco walls, wrought iron balconies, stone balustrades, terra-cotta floors, and bougainvillea-lined pathways is set in a gorgeous 11-acre beachfront with immaculately white sands and clear turquoise waters that stretch for miles and miles.

We were immediately embraced by the hotel's tranquility and serenity the moment we got there. The hotel was divided into two sections: the family-friendly villas on one section and the adults-only hotel area with a pool and bar. Our suite was perfectly set in a secluded area, hidden from view and had a waterfront terrace that afforded us captivating views of the sea. The interior was clean and contemporary in design, a bit minimalist, adopting a conservative white, beige and brown color-scheme.

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The beautiful sandy ocean floor and the late-afternoon orange sun reflecting on the crystal waters was a truly cinematic setting that captivated my senses. The water was also perfect, not too warm and not too cold. The outside bar was a dream with its casual and trendy ambiance, huge overstuffed chairs and stools, as well as beds to relax in while admiring fleets of sailboats on the horizon. While Grace Bay Club afforded us uninterrupted relaxation and a splendid retreat, it should be noted that they were in the midst of building condominiums at the time we were there so it could get busier and more populated in the future. But I hope they'll be able to maintain it as the peaceful sanctuary we experienced, regardless.

Dining and service at the Grace Bay Club was top notch as well. Whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner, they never failed to surpass our expectations. They had absolutely great food, great wine, great service! What more can I say, Grace Bay Club is absolutely Bombastic!

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