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Claridge's Hotel - London, UK

Elegance, Luxury, Perfect Location = Bombastic


Claridge’s Hotel – London, UK: Playing host to a plethora of stars, socialites and royalty throughout their 100 year history, Claridge’s Hotel located in Mayfair is a five-star luxury hotel located just a short jaunt away from Hyde Park, shopping districts and the city itself. The hotel's art deco design had been designed by many a famous name and it contributes to the hotel's elegant atmosphere.

First Impression/Lobby: On the outside, Claridge’s looked very classic and luxurious. Upon entering the lobby, one is forgiven to think that he or she is suddenly part of a movie set. The lobby's elegance is what one should expect a luxury hotel should be. A gorgeous chandelier floated majestically over the lobby and even the doorman and bellhops were well-suited and polite. Steeped in history, with a tasteful art deco design, one can stand for 30 minutes in the lobby alone in awe.

Reception: As we made our way to the left of the lobby towards reception, and just as we were talking about how well-dressed the bellhops and doormen were, we were greeted by the even more well-dressed front desk clerks. The reception area was pretty standard with a large portrait of the hotel on the wall behind the desk. I couldn't tell if the picture was a painting or a photograph as we were somewhat distracted by the well-groomed staff.

The dapper gentleman who registered us and took our reservation was straight out of an English movie. He was a pure delight as he was very kind and made us feel very welcome at Claridge’s.

Check-in was pretty much straightforward, and after a few minutes, we were escorted up to the Deluxe King Room.

The Room: Our quarters, the Deluxe King Room, was located on the sixth floor. Upon entering, it had an upscale, luxury hotel look, but with a homey vibe. I attribute this vibe to the color of the curtains and work desk, whereas in most hotels you get plain white drapes and a dark colored desk. Though the room was a bit on the small side, the large window made things brighter and surely, the room felt plush and luxurious.

The bathroom was large and bright, though the design looked a bit dated. Still, it is always nice to have a spacious bathroom; after all, a luxurious bath comes hand in hand with a luxurious living space.

Housekeeping: Housekeeping at Claridge’s was pretty much what we expected from a five-star luxury hotel. The staff did a great job servicing our room, and took time to neatly fold our clothes. They also fulfilled our requests for extra water efficiently at the evening service.

Concierge: This is where Claridge’s lose points on our rating scale, they get mixed grades here.

When we called to make reservations for dinner, the concierge at the time was short and blunt, almost bordering on rude. We were told that he would call back in a few minutes, but after almost an hour of waiting, we decided to call back ourselves. When we did, a different voice was on the other side of the phone who was quick to help us - unlike the first one.

The following day, we met a third concierge who helped us as we stopped by the desk to get some recommendations. This one was thorough and very helpful, giving us great tips and pointed us to a great place for lunch.

Restaurant: Claridge’s is home to five restaurant/bars. There’s the decadent Foyer and The Reading Room – where you can enjoy the best London tea – or the stylish Claridge’s Bar. You can also choose to enjoy a meal or drink at The Fumoir, with its 1930’s inspired Lalique panel, or dine at the irresistible Gordon Ramsay, where you can enjoy world-class cuisine by none other than the world –famous celebrity chef of Hell’s Kitchen fame.

Pool/Spa/Activities: For the fitness buffs, the hotel boasts of an airy gym and luxury treatment rooms. The gym offers the latest equipment as well as individual attention from top-quality fitness trainers. Even if you are not a resident of the hotel, you can still enjoy the facilities by signing up as a member, which is a master stroke. The beauty treatment rooms offer guests a wide selection of treatments to indulge in. You can have simple treatments like facials or get full body massages like Shiatsu and Thai massages.

Check-Out: Check-out was quick and efficient. No waiting around in the lobby getting restless here. The bill was correct and our call to have our bags collected from the room was quickly attended to, a 5-star rating for this.

Overall Impression: Overall, Claridge’s is a hotel that I can easily recommend. Its location is perfect, it is very luxurious and elegant, service was top-notch most of the time, and the rooms were very comfortable.

Our rating here is a resounding Bombastic! Claridge’s just barely missed out on a Fantastic Bombastic rating, and if not for that rogue concierge, they would have.

What I liked: Luxurious and elegant, perfect location, well-trained staff, near-perfect service

What I didn’t like: Size of the room, the first concierge

Brook Street
London W1K 4HR
T: +44 (0)20 7629 8860

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