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Le Petite Maison – London, England | Restaurant Review

Excellent Food, Great Service, Bombastic Experience


Restaurant Category : French

Le Petite Maison – London, England: A favorite hangout of London celebrities and well-heeled locals, Le Petite Maison is one of London’s most popular French Restaurants. While the clientele is high profile, the atmosphere is laid back and airy but still out-and-out classy, an ideal place to take pleasure in the finest French Provencal cuisine in the area. Because the dishes are served for sharing, this is a perfect place to go with friends.

Inside, the dining room is open and well-lit and the tables are close together. With this arrangement, it gets very loud during peak hours but it just adds to the lively ambiance and makes the experience all the more exciting.

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We placed our orders and were told that the dishes will be served as completed, in no particular order. At first I didn't like this concept but by the time that the second or third dish was served, the food was so good and Le Petite Maison’s atmosphere was so great, it really didn't bother me at all.

For dinner we ordered Carpaccio of Tuna, Thinly slice octopus in lemon oil, Venison Ragout with homemade pasta, pumpkins and raisins, and Slow cooked crispy belly of pork with apple glaze. The venison was tender and juicy and the homemade pasta was freshly made. The pork was just as tender and juicy as the venison but even better as the apple glaze gave it an utterly exceptional flavor.

We also wanted to try the Whole leg of milk-fed Lozere lamb with spice couscous but because it takes an hour and half to prepare, we opted not to order it as we did not want to wait that long. Incidentally, the table next to us ordered it and when it was delivered to their table we were disappointed we didn’t. It looked absolutely delicious and based on how everything else had tasted I am sure the lamb would have been even more impressive.

For dessert, we had French toast with spice ice cream and a scoop of Ginger Bread Ice Cream. The gingerbread ice cream had a bit of spice and a full exquisite flavor. The taste was extremely unique and rewarding. The wine list was extensive and varied enough to match the menu. The Sommelier answered all our questions with full understanding of the wine menu and was able to give us some great options.

Service throughout dinner was really good and very attentive. I was surprised and quite impressed by the staff’s efficiency and timeliness in taking orders and meeting demands even when the restaurant was so busy and full. They were not too fast and not too slow, but just perfect. Doubtless, Le Petite Maison in Brook Mews in London is simply Bombastic!

What I liked: Everything the food, the atmosphere, the service

What I didn’t like: The fact that I didn't order the lamb. There was nothing not to like at Le Petite Maison

Rating: Bombastic

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