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Nobu - Berkeley Street - London, England | Restaurant Review

Berkeley Street Will Never Be the Same


Restaurant Category : Japanese, Sushi

Nobu - Berkeley Street - London, England: Though there are a bunch of Japanese restaurants to be found in London, only a handful can actually be called high end. Nobu Sushi Restaurant is one of the city's most elite Japanese restaurants, with customers waiting at queues for hours upon end to be seated and hopefully catch a glimpse of Europe's beau monde.

We arrived at the restaurant on time at around 9PM and it was certainly a full house! All tables were taken and there was a long line for food and glamor hungry people who seemed to enjoy just being in the restaurant's vibrant atmosphere. We headed on over to the bar for some cocktails before dinner, and a delightful bartender served us our drinks while exchanging casual chatter. This came in quite handy especially since we had to wait for 90 minutes just to get seated!.

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We ordered our usual fare of sushi and sashimi, which was brought to our table looking brilliantly colorful, as is the case of fresh Japanese food. They tasted excellent, as if they had been caught only minutes before completely satisfying our salivating selves.

When we wanted to try something different, our waiter had an extensive knowledge of Japanese food culture, giving us choice suggestions and intelligent advice as to what we should order. Apparently he knew what he was talking about because each item was better than the last.

The restaurant offers sake, both hot and cold, and with our waiter's suggestion, we did not hesitate to place an order for a bottle. Once again, his recommendation was stunning.

This Bombastic restaurant has everything a chic and trendy dining place should have: great food and drinks, an exciting atmosphere and prime service.

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