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Shochu Lounge - London, England | Restaurant Review

One Lounge I Would Skip Again and Again!


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Shochu Lounge – London, England: Located in the basement of Roka Japanese Sushi Restaurant (Read our review of Roka Japanese Sushi Restaurant here.), Shochu Lounge was anything but relaxing. The place was too dark even for a lounge, to the point that we couldn’t even read the menu. The ceilings were so low that it made us feel suffocated and claustrophobic.

When we arrived, the staff barely noticed us. We helped ourselves to a seat and they just looked on with dismay. The seating was so far apart from each other that we couldn’t have a decent conversation; and that wasn’t even taking into account the loud music.

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The décor was urban and trendy, but still very Japanese. Tables were set low while the chairs were box-type stools. Dark wood was predominantly used in the interior as in most Japanese restaurants with a minimal motif.

The brains behind the “mixology of the drinks” is Tony Conigliaro and one of his supposed specialty is shochu-based cocktails. Shochu, from which the bar’s name is derived, is actually a Japanese drink made from barley and rice or sweet potato.

We decided to try one of their specials—Plum Plum, a mix of shochu and plum vodka. It wasn’t too bad but there was nothing special about its taste to set it apart from the usual cocktails. We also tried the Tokyo Baby, which came prepared in a bottle, and it was sickeningly sweet that we couldn’t even finish it. For the quality and quantity of the cocktails they served, it was definitely overpriced.

Luckily we were only there long enough for one drink before our table upstairs at Roku became available. Needless to say, our experience at the Shochu Lounge was depressing. Definitely Not Bombastic.

What I liked: Nothing

What I didn’t like: Everything

Rating: Not Bombastic

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