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Sumosan Japanese Sushi Restaurant - (Mayfair) London, UK | Restaurant Review

Chic and Trendy But Not Great Sushi in Mayfair


Restaurant Category : Japanese, Sushi

Ultra chic and trendy, and offering a huge array of Japanese dishes as well as sushi and sashimi, is the highly rated Sumosan Restaurant in Mayfair.

Luckily we had booked our table weeks in advance as the place was packed when we arrived. I doubt we would have gotten a table had we tried to book one that day.

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The restaurant has an upbeat vibe and its light colored wood floors, stylish lighting, modern tables and chairs all in hues of brown which contrast with deep purple accents lend an upscale feel to the atmosphere. Sumosan is defiantly a place to hang with friends or even for a special night out.

We started with our compulsory edamame as we pursued their menu, paying particular attention to their sushi, sashimi and rolls, our favorites. The menu was extensive, especially for a Japanese restaurant this trendy.

Our server seemed stretched and anxious for us to get our order in. We were in no hurry and really not in the mood to be rushed, especially when we were about to pay the prices they were charging.

The sashimi set had salmon, blue fin tuna, sweet shrimp, sea bass, scallops and squid, which sounds like a lot but at £32.50 it is quite pricey. The rolls ranged in price from £6.40 to £9.50.

We placed our order; the sushi set and Albemarle, soft shell crab, salmon and spicy tuna rolls, plus sushi unagi. With this much food, we had to have just the right sake so we asked for the sommelier to help us pick just the right one.

The sommelier Jean-Louis Naveihan surely knew his wine and sake, it was a pleasure to have someone so knowledgeable available to help us make good decisions. He suggested Masumi Arabashiri, a cold sake which tasted fresh, clean, and had a hint of fruit. It was simply gorgeous!

Shortly after we got our sake, the food started coming; it came too fast though. I was again feeling rushed. The sashimi set was first; it sounded a lot larger reading it in the menu that it actually was when it made it to the table. The real test was “how did it actually taste?”. Sadly, it was just average. None of it tasted extremely fresh, it was quite the disappointment.

The sashimi was followed by the rolls, which all came out at once, even though we asked to please slow it down and not bring it all at once. The spicy tuna and Albemarle rolls were decent, but again nothing amazing. The soft shell crab roll struck a note with us and I would have to say the best thing we ordered. The unagi was simply dry and boring; a huge letdown; for me good unagi is like a extraordinary dessert; but that wasn’t the case at Sumosan.

Dessert helped to save the evening. I ordered the pyramid shaped wild berry dorayaki, (a Japanese confection) with almonds and plum wine sauce, it was almost sinfu!. My partner had the ice cream which was less than exciting.

Overall our experience at Sumosan Japanese Restaurant in (Mayfair) London was a contrast of experiences. We loved the atmosphere, the Sommelier’s suggestions and service and the soft shell crab rolls. On the other hand, most of the food was over-priced and less than super fresh and our waiter made our evening feel rushed.

Would I go back or could I confidently recommend Sumosan to friends? No. I would still recommend Nobu (read our review of Nobu Sushi Restaurant here) for the best sushi in London. Sumosan while it wasn’t horrible, just didn’t rank at the level of bombastic; so it gets our rating of between bombastic and not.

What I liked: The soft shell crab rolls, the wild berry dorayaki, the Sommelier’s service and suggestions, and the atmosphere.

What I didn’t like: Most of the food was not all that fresh, the service was rushed and the prices were on the high-side.

Rating: Between bombastic and not.

Sumosan Japanese Restaurant addresses and telephone number
By phone: (+44) 020 7495 5999
By fax: (+44) 020 7355 1247
By email:
Address: 26, Albemarle Street, Mayfair, London. W1S 4HY.

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