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Umu Sushi Restaurant - London, UK | Restaurant Review

One of the Best Sushi Restaurants in London!


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Umu Sushi Restaurant – London, UK: This exclusive Kyoto style restaurant located in the heart of the up market Mayfair area exudes unmistakable class, sharp elegance and a comfortable aura that succeeds in charming diners without trying too hard.

Umu Sushi has the distinction of being awarded its first Michelin star. The restaurant’s impressive profile comprises a private dining option along with 70 diverse premium sake labels and an extensive wine list that tallies to over 300 bins. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The traditional Kyoto eatery has retained conventional Japanese flavors without beating them too much to suit eclectic tastes. Their ingredients are fresh and sourced all the way from Japan to design ‘Kaiseki-which is a traditional Japanese menu. Of course, you have the usual sushi and sashimi in a wider range as well.

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As soon as we entered the restaurant, we were warmly greeted by the staff and escorted to our seat by the hostess. The ambiance was warm, sophisticated and extremely authentic with dark wooden furniture, scintillating lighting and warm-toned upholstery with brilliant contemporary accessories thrown in for added classiness. The interiors were artfully decorated with a lot of mirrors that cleverly added more depth and dimension to the restaurant, actually creating a façade of a more expansive look.

There were a number of tasting menus, but we opted to go a la carte and proceeded to order a large variety of dishes with fancy names, which were as delectable as the products themselves. Though the food was delicious to say the least, the portions unfortunately weren’t as large as their long-winded names.

We dug into some scrumptious Eel with garlic and parsley. Inspiring. Then came prawn with mango and egg in a harumaki (spring roll) cup. Nice. We also ate blue crab with courette, pine nuts and garlic and red ichimi pepper - simply amazing. The diced scallop with tofu, ginger sauce, sesame seeds and mustard cress were rather pleasing on our taste buds as well. Excellent food, but a tad too pricey for its petite portioning. None the less the experience was amazing. It wasn’t just the taste; even the presentation of the meal was bang on, with pain-staking attention being paid to the minutest details. We had a bottle of Gaijin Sake, which perfectly complimented our meal. For dessert, we wolfed down Mandarin and Mango sorbet-a brilliant way to end our incredible tryst with thoroughbred Japanese fare.

Our rating for this superb sushi restaurant in London is Bombastic!

What I liked: the elegant décor, the taste and presentation of all the items that we ordered and the attentive staff.

What I didn’t like: the small portions and the slightly over priced menu.

Rating: Bombastic

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