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Zuma Japanese Sushi Restaurant - London, England | Restaurant Review

Decent Sushi - Poor Service


Restaurant Category : Japanese, Sushi

Zuma Japanese Sushi Restaurant – London, England: With just a quick glance through the large glass window of the front entrance of Zuma Sushi Restaurant and Lounge located in Knightsbridge, I could tell that Zuma had a contemporary Asian vibe, putting me in the mood for mouth-watering sushi. Stepping inside confirmed it was just as stylish and inviting; where different elements including natural wood, glass and granite were combined to create a harmonious interior that was both chic and simple. The vibrant sushi bar, open kitchen layout and the beautiful people provided a fun and entertaining atmosphere.

I went to Zuma for lunch with a couple of friends and had secured a table beforehand (reservations are a must in a place like this). The moment we arrived, we were quickly shown to our table. The restaurant was packed and all the diners seemed to be happy and chatting loudly, which we really didn’t mind too much at that time as we were also in a celebratory mood.

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Their sushi and sashimi menu was limited but we still found a number of dishes to order including Spider Roll, Prawn Tempura Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Unagi Roll, Hamaci, Sake and Tuna, Salmon Avo Roll, and Botan Sashimi. The sake menu on the other hand was extensive with about 40 different varieties; the wine list was just as impressive.

We were quite excited with our orders especially since we’ve heard so many good reviews about this place. As we chatted the time flew by and before we knew it almost an hour had gone by, but not a single dish had made it to our table! It was a good thing that my friends and I were having a good time catching up with each other as the wait didn’t feel that long. But still, an hour is way too long to wait for sushi, it’s not like they have to cook it!

When the food did come, it came all at once, not a little at a time as we had requested. The portions were also small, and as sushi goes, not the freshest I have ever had. After waiting for an hour, however, we were relieved to finally have something to eat. Our favorite was the Prawn Tempura Roll, which was so good that we ordered an extra roll.

For dessert we sampled a variety: Banana Cake, Chaman Mushi (a type of custard), and a Specialty Chocolate dessert. None of the three tickled our taste buds; we would have been better off with a scoop or two of green tea ice cream.

Overall, our experience at Zuma Japanese restaurant was one of disappointment. While the restaurant itself is chic and trendy the food and service are well below par for a restaurant of this level. I give Zuma a rating of Between Bombastic and Not.

What I liked: Atmosphere, Prawn Tempura Roll

What I didn’t like: Slow service, poor quality of most of the dishes

Rating: Between Bombastic and Not

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