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Al Maha Desert Resort - United Arab Emirates

5 Star, Luxury Desert Resort


Al Maha Desert Resort - Located about 30 minutes outside of Dubai in the middle of a desert sits the glorious resort Al Maha. If you ever thought that a vacation in the desert would be boring, you thought wrong Al Maha offers enough to keep you busy for at lease a few days and if you want to spend another day or two lounging at the your private pool then tack on a couple more days.

If you have never experienced a camel ride into the desert (and how many of us can truly say we have) then you must do the evening ride. You ride out do the desert in the camel caravan for about half an hour and then stop so you can enjoy the beautiful sun setting over the desert landscape, glass of champagne in hand.

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They have a falcon hunting expedition but it wasn't exactly what I had expected or had hoped for. I thought we were going to really see falcon hunting but it ended up being just a demonstration of the birds "hunting' a piece of meet they swung around on a rope. It was still interesting seeing the falcons and hawks in action and learning about the sport but if you skipped it, it would not be the end of the world.

The dune rides were great! Racing around in the 4x4's up and over and around the dunes is a ride I'll never forget. Plus, you really get the chance to experience the true beauty of the desert. This is a must do, but if you have a weak stomach, think twice.

Al Maha's spa was fantastic! A few hours and treatments later, I felt like a new person.

The other absolute, must do is a private dinner out in the desert. Lighted by just candles and torches you feel you are out in the middle of no where. You get to see the stars like never before and with the set up and the spread of food you'd swear you were a Sultan on his way to his kingdom. This experience is one that I will not ever forget. It was Bombastic.

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