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Movenpick Hotel Bur Dubai - Dubai, UAE


Movenpick Hotel Bur Dubai: The Movenpick Hotel Bur Dubai is suited for business travelers who need to stay a few nights in the area and have little time to go around Dubai. Located in a prime area, Movenpick is just 15 minutes from the international airport and is right in the heart of the city. It is also only 30 minutes away from Jumeirah beach. Most Westerners would feel at-home in this Swiss Hotel chain, which is modern in design and classic in its aesthetics.

Movenpick Hotel Bur Dubai is not the place for those looking for luxury and an interesting experience, however. Its poor service keeps it from being anything close to five-star. When we checked in the hotel, the reception was slow and unorganized. The staff was fumbling and flying all over the place, making them look inexperienced and uncertain of their duties. The concierge was useless and it was easier to surf the internet for good restaurants than to get a substantial recommendation from them. Room service was also slow and their food was lacking. My breakfast was not warm enough and my eggs were close to soggy. It was not appetizing at all.

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Our room was sufficiently comfortable but was simply average and had nothing interesting to rave about. If you're not that finicky about service and need to stay a few nights in Dubai, then Movenpick Hotel Bur Dubai is an option. Its ideal location gives it a lot of advantage over other hotels. But if you're looking for something more than average, then I do not recommend this hotel. I rate it somewhere between Bombastic and Not.

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