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Rush Lounge at Yas Hotel - Abu Dhabi, UAE

Uber chic and stylish Abu Dhabi lounge with poor service.


Restaurant Category : Lounge, Tapas/Small Plates

Rush Lounge at Yas Hotel - Abu Dhabi, UAE: The Rush Lounge is a super suave lounge and trendy cocktail bar designed by the same people behind the world-famous Buddha Bars and George V Restaurant. Located at the uber stylish Yas Hotel in Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, Rush is one of the most creative and visually mind-blowing Abu Dhabi bars I have seen in all my travels.

A blend of sleek contemporary minimalism and Islamic geometric designs, Rush Lounge is a work of art true to the Yas hotel’s form and style. House music consistently plays in the background while huge floor-to-ceiling windows offer spectacular panoramic views of the marina, perfect for getting mildly drunk and blissful.

One major drawback is its inconvenient location in Yas Island, which is a good 30 minute drive from Abu Dhabi so it is quite out of the way if you are staying in the city. We had dinner at Yas Hotel’s Japanese Restaurant Kazu and spontaneously decided to check out Rush Lounge for a nightcap.

We went there on a Friday night at around 10 p.m. and there were only about 15 people present, a very bad sign for any club or bar. What looked like a really hip and happening bar turned out to be rather lame. Their lack of patrons and beautiful people was probably due to their insanely slow service. We ordered a few cocktails and even though there were only a few people, it took forever for them to deliver our drinks. We had to follow up twice!

Knowing what we know now about the Rush Lounge, we would never make a special trip just to see Rush even though it is beautiful inside. The place has so much potential, but just failed to live up to it.

If I were rating on décor and ambiance alone, Rush Lounge would definitely rate a perfect score of Fantastic Bombastic. But because of their unreasonably slow service and lack of people on a Friday night, it gets a poor rating of Between Bombastic and Not.

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What I liked: Chic and stylish interiors

What I didn’t like: Slow service, high cost, lack of people

Rating: Between Bombastic and Not

Address and Telephone Number:
Rush Lounge at Yas Hotel
Address: Yas Hotel, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Telephone: +971 (0)2 656 00 600

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