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Teatro Restaurant – Abu Dhabi, UAE | Restaurant Review

Great Sushi at this Multi-Cusine Restaurant


Restaurant Category : International

Teatro Restaurant of Abu Dhabi is located in the well known and prestigious Hotel Rotana. Having gathered great reviews on its food and service, we were here for a simple reason; good sushi. Our quest for the perfect dish of sushi which blended in flavor, texture and aroma harmoniously had become a serious mission here at Bombastic Life. This quest now had us looking for great sushi in Abu Dhabi.

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The First Impression: The impressive atmosphere of the hotel Rotana flowed into Teatro Restaurant. The distinct style of the place which was all about fusion hit us hard right from the moment we walked in. The element of drama about the place was exciting and had us curious on what to expect.

Décor and Ambience: The décor was a fusion of the different countries from which the cuisine served. A distinct air of Italian atmosphere ran across the restaurant with Venetian masks placed on the walls, carmine crepe curtains billowing softly across the windows, an alter of candles with their dancing flames and more. The deep warm colors used in the room blended in perfectly with the beaded crystal features bringing in an air of Eastern mystic. Add onto this an open bar and show kitchen, a live sushi counter, and the outdoor terrace seating and we were in for a treat that is all about not knowing what to expect. The atmosphere was relaxed and invited us to sink into the chairs and relax with a drink while trying to decide what food to order from the overwhelming list of choices.

The Food: Teatro Restaurant offered a selection of Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Indian cuisine. Since we were here to test sushi, we were interested in the Japanese portion of the menu. We chose our normal tradition and ordered a variety of sushi, sashimi and maki rolls, giving us the opportunity to test a large variety of their dishes.

As the different dishes made their way to our table we got to taste each new item we were impressed again and again. Fresh tasting fish with a solid texture confirming it has not spent days in the cool waiting to be ordered. Well made rolls, with interesting combinations and not overpowered with spicy mayonnaise or other “trendy” ingredients that tend to take more away from the roll that actually add to it. On top of that, the presentation was a beautiful as the food; visually appealing and tantalizing tasting. Bombastic!

The Service: The service at Teatro Restaurant was amazing. The waiters had us relaxed in no time and their unobtrusive, but helpful service was extremely professional. Most impressive was the fact that we came late and even though the sushi bar was getting ready to close we never felt rushed or that we were inconveniencing them.

The Calculated Impression: Our meal at Teatro Restaurant was all about what it should be; great atmosphere and mouth-watering dishes. The good service, the choices of cuisine and dishes were positive add-ons. This was a place we would definitely recommend as a must for anyone that craves great sushi in Abu Dhabi. Our rating for Teatro Restaurant, one of the many places that serve sushi in Abu Dhabi is Bombastic.

What I liked: The amazing food, service and décor of Teatro Restaurant.

What I didn’t like: Not much to not like about Teatro.

Rating: Bombastic.

Address and Telephone Number:
Teatro Restaurant
Rotana Hotel
PO Box 43500, Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates
Telephone: +971 (0)2 6444412
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